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2011 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

2011 Spring Wardrobe Essentials Spring is fast approaching, and with the changing season, it is that time again to get the old clothes out and new clothes in. If you are preparing for a new wardrobe for the season and are unsure of what kind of clothes to include in your collection, then you have come to the right place. Here are some great choices for your 2011 spring wardrobe! Ladies cashmere cardigan While spring is not as cold as winter, you will find that there are still chilly days when you need clothes to warm you up. Jackets, however, are not a good solution as they tend to be made from heavy materials. During such days, what you simply need is a cashmere cardigan. A cardigan will provide just the right amount of warmth against the cold environment. The cool, soft feel of cashmere, it provides not just warmth but utmost comfort as well. Shirtdress Shirtdresses are versatile clothes that can make you look sexy, cute, and corporate-looking all at the same time. They are fashionable and one you can wear for any type of occasion. You can even simply wear them at school or work and not bother changing for another set of clothes when you go out at night. The best thing about them is that they can easily fit and flatter various body types, depending on your choice of belt and how you define the waistline. Trench coat Now that the snow is continuously melting, there will be more sunlight and also more rain showers. The best way to avoid getting drenched in such showers is to use a trench coat. Trench coats are not only reliable, but also fashionable. Worn with confidence, they radiate an aura of a confident woman. Even though they are generally more expensive than casual clothes because of the heavy wool or leather fabric that they are made of, they last a lot, lot longer. Wrap dress Wrap dresses can provide not only comfort but unmatched glam as well. They can enhance any of your desired body features and hide extra fats here and there. They can enhance the bust line, elongate your neck, and even make you look slimmer! The wonders that can come from such a simple piece of clothing are immense. This definitely makes the wrap dress a spring wardrobe essential! Neutral-colored high heels or wedge Your wardrobe must not only have clothes but shoes as well! For a season that is between the warm and cold season, neutral colors are your best friends. Neutral-color high heels or wedges are both fashionable and flexible. Neutral colors will help you match your shoes with various light and dark colored clothes. Spring is a time people usually use to do an annual cleaning-spring cleaning. It is also a time when you have to take out the old clothes from your wardrobe and bring in new and essential items for the upcoming seasons. Start organizing your wardrobe today by getting the five spring wardrobe essentials we have shared.