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3 Types of Men’s Shorts

3 Types of Men’s Shorts Men’s shorts have come through a wide variety of changes to assume the current dynamic state that it is in now. You have a huge plethora of choices open to your whims and fancies. These include exotic fabrics, unassumingly comfortable and yet visually appealing textures, colors that fit the occasion just fine. The range of customizability that is now made available to you b the various designers and fashion houses, include options to personalize the embroidery, number of pockets, length of the pockets, placement of the same, the choice of a zip or button up mechanism, the number of hoops to sling in the belt, or whether it will have a trendy belt already fitted in. The basic mantra to follow while investing in any garment is to wear something that fits you like a glove and you are comfortable wearing it. Fashion is about being you, not looking like your favorite star but defining your own style sense through clothes that make you feel free. Don’t limit your options by sticking to these traditional faux pas of social dressing- Pleated Shorts: Do not wear pleated shorts or the belted plaid shorts unless you are out to play golf. If you are carefulness or frivolous about wearing this garment to occasions like a dinner party, accidental topping it off with a cap and something that resembles a senile person’s walking sticks, and you will look like a septuagenarian in no time. Gym Shorts: Gym/ athletic shorts look good only if you are wearing it in gym or sports event or walking to and fro from the gym to your abode. You don’t want to scream out to people the truth that you are trying to be health conscious and this gym shorts is a strict no-no fro any sort of social gathering. What are Jorts? Do not wear cut offs or jean shorts or jorts, for the very good reason that some things should never have been invented. Jorts are one of those fashion disasters, which would not have flooded the market, had not a generation run out of creative juice and succumbed to a hideous thing like this. If you have to flaunt your denims in summer, wear a light denim jeans (light in both color and weight), complimented by a bright colored cotton shirt and leather sandals. You can vouch for the fact that people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Remember that you can’t go wrong with the following wardrobe selections- You must try out a board shorts if you are in a hot climate or a beach community. Nothing accentuates your masculinity like a surfer’s board shorts. Similarly, wear khaki shorts can never land you in the wrong foot, preferably those which are between mid knee and mid thigh length. And if you are going to an upscale party, wear pretty linen shorts. A flat-front short always goes well with a short sleeve button-down as well as a tee, under such circumstances, as mentioned above.