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A Profile of Wood Coffee Tables

A Profile of Wood Coffee Tables Even though teak wood is the most favorite material for wood coffee tables, they could be made from other types of wood like English and European oak, American white oak, red cherry, hard maple, beech, and white ash. Nearly all wood tables are individually hand crafted with tenon and mortise joints. Then a coating of antique wax and shellac or a water based lacquer is applied to provide them an exquisite finish. Certain woods could also be coated with varnish or oil paints as preservatives and to protect the wood from the vagaries of the weather. Wood coffee tables made from English or European oak are sturdier than the American oak, which is lighter in quality. However, the grain patterns in American oak are more attractive than the other two types of oaks. If you wish to have coffee tables as your living room furniture with rich and mellow finish, then red cherry tables are ideal due to their unusual color and the natural-looking warm finish that they possess. Hard maple is a wood of very light color and hence it is more suitable for modern or contemporary themed interior designs in living rooms. Another light wood with flecked patterns is beech and coffee tables made from beech without treating it would be nearly white in color. However, treated beech wood would provide a mild pinkish shade. White ash is another wood with a lighter shade, which tables of exquisite design could be produced. However, the color of heartwood could vary widely with the availability of planks in green, red, and brown shades. This could be used either for making wood coffee tables that could match traditional interior design themes or for childrens furniture. With such a varying range of table styles, it is up to you to decide which one would suit your home decor better.