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Common HVAC Repairs in Homes

Concerns in the functionality of your HVAC can result in reduced efficiency and performance. If left undetected, HVAC problems can cause health issues. Usually, the malfunctions are relatively simple. However, for someone who is not trained to fix HVAC concerns, it would not be advisable to handle the repairs. If your unit has been indicating signs of damage or wear and tear, it would be prudent to hire hvac repair yorktown va for repairs or replacements. Here are some common HVAC repairs that necessitate calling a professional.

Excess Water

A puddle of water around the heating and cooling unit should be a cause of concern. The units have drain lines that move the condensation into the ground and away from within the cooling and heating system that can result in problems. If you notice water around your unit, the best solution would be to call an expert to inspect drain pans.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are another common HVAC repair that most homeowners face. Dirty filters restrict the flow of air into your heating and cooling unit, which affects the quality of air in your home. Dirty filters strain the blower of your furnace and overheat the furnace. You need an expert in HVAC units to replace dirty filters often. It keeps the unit functional and extends furnace life.

Ignition Problems

You may be experiencing ignition issues if the heating and cooling system has trouble starting up. Experts in HVAC units may have to replace igniters, some electrical components and pilot lights. Regular maintenance can significantly reduce the probability of ignition problems.

As you can see, several things can go wrong with HVAC systems. The important thing here is to make sure that the unit is handled by a reputable HVAC professional. Avoid carrying out any repairs on your own, especially if you lack knowledge of the heating and cooling systems.