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Bakers Racks – Design Options for the Smaller Home

Bakers Racks – Design Options for the Smaller Home There are plenty of design tips out there for homeowners, but what about those who are just renting? More than one-third of all homes are rented these days, but designers are a little slow in addressing the needs of this growing segment of Americans. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see Better Rentals & Gardens on the magazine shelves. But as any renter knows, there is an art to decorating a space you don’t own, continually walking the fine line between what you want to do and what your lease allows you to do. With a little resourcefulness renters can solve at least one problem – storage and shelving – with a single product: bakers racks. Yes, bakers racks, those time honored bastions of turn of the century kitchen furnishings that were originally used to cool baked goods. They have been reinvented in the modern home, and while you can still cool down your pies on them, they have many more tricks up their sleeves. First, racks can go in any room in your home or even outside. With just a few changes, they can easily go from the kitchen to the living room, the bathroom and even outside. We’re not going to really bother with the kitchen in this article, since the uses of bakers racks have been well documented elsewhere. But we can say that they make a great base station for a microwave or a toaster and coffee maker if you’re a little short on counter space. Moving into the living room, you can use these handsome furnishings to create extra shelving without sinking a single nail or screw in the damage-deposit covered walls. And what can you put on your bakers racks? How about using it as a bookcase or if you’re a wine lover or lover of cocktails, how about using it as a small apartment bar? Some racks even have wine bottle storage built into them. How handy! If you need to have some additional storage for things you need but don’t always want seen, purchase a couple of wicker baskets to place on the lower shelves. This is an easy way to add a lot of storage for things better left unseen. This is particularly true in the bedroom. If space is at a premium, consider a bakers rack that can be used as a dresser. Purchase the same wicker baskets above and use them to hold your t-shirts, socks and unmentionables. The table top is perfect for a small flat screen TV and your cable box and Wi-fi. In the bathroom, bakers racks can be used as an additional towel rack. Place folded towels on the shelves above and use the table for your makeup and toiletries. Down below you can keep bath towels or if you have a rack that has a cabinet with doors, extra toilet paper, soap, etc. Have a bit of a green thumb? Consider using a rack indoors to hold all your plants. Or put one out on the balcony or patio and use it as a gardening center. The shelves are great for holding your extra pots and gardening tools and down below you can keep your potting soil, fertilizer and watering can. As you move from one place to another, your bakers racks can be continually repurposed. If one room layout can’t handle your prized rack, another one certainly will be able to. Because it is so versatile, you’ll quickly find that this particular piece of furniture will be one of your most prized, for while you’re constantly having to figure out how to stuff a large sectional into a small apartment or townhouse living room, the rack can go virtually anywhere and handle virtually any role.