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4 Ways to Give Your Home`s Exterior a Facelift

Bringing charm to the exterior of your home can bring both added value and improved curb appeal. In a cookie-cutter neighborhood, you might be looking for a little more personality for your home. There are several changes you can make on the exterior to change the look and feel of your home.

Change the Texture

Though it is one of the more costly options, you can always change the texture of your home`s exterior. Whether you call stucco contractor Hilliard OH companies or you decide to go with a new siding, changing up the wrapping of your home will make a big difference. It will definitely change the look, but depending on what coverage you select, you could be making investments into lower maintenance and more energy efficiency.

Add a Covered Entrance

Walking up to a doorway with no stoop is a little boring, but it is also a nuisance when you are trying to unlock the door in the rain. Adding a covering to your entrance instantly transforms the welcome into your home. A small budget could add an awning, while covered porches are a fabulous choice for Craftsman homes, farmhouses, or cottages.

Install New Light Fixtures

The lights you hang on the outside of your home speak to what can be expected inside. You can add dimension and definition to your outside spaces with the right light fixtures. Find a light that flows with the theme or design of the home. A Cape-style home would pair well with a nautical lantern, while a farmhouse should sport a traditional gas or electric lantern.

Paint the Door

Painting your door a new color is an easy solution with a huge impact. Look for colors that will pop or stand out against the texture and landscape you have around the house. If you have the funds, you could the door completely, maybe incorporating glass panes or an imposing wooden construction.

Lighting up the exterior of your home and infusing it with personality will do wonders for its curb appeal.