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3 Ways To Keep Your Construction Site Safe

Construction sites can be dangerous places. There are a number of potential hazards for those working on the site as well as for the general public, depending on the location of the site. However, you can take steps to make your work location more secure. Here are three ways to keep your construction site safe.

Reduce Trips and Falls

Within the site itself, keep electrical extension cords for power tools rolled up and stored when not in use. While being used, every worker should be instructed to keep her or his area neat and tidy. Workers also should be reminded to stay alert for cords and other trip hazards if they need to visit another area on the site.

For construction sites near sidewalks where pedestrians may walk, anything that could cause members of the public to trip and fall should be removed or inspected regularly. For example, strips of plywood across sidewalks may warp and crack over time, which causes hazardous walking conditions. Generally, public walkways should be kept clear.

Keep the Site Tidy and Clean

Construction site debris should be removed from work areas and taken to designated dumping areas daily. Allowing debris and rubbish to build up creates unnecessary hazards. To make cleanup easy, install a heavy-duty container made by a roll off dumpster manufacturer Florida.

Eliminate Falling Objects

Objects falling from heights onto sidewalks and possibly people below pose potentially fatal dangers. Whether a piece of debris or a small tape measure, you must be mindful of the threats from anything that could fall. Take preventative steps by installing nets or chutes, and stress caution to workers in every safety meeting.

Play It Safe

Maintaining a safe construction site helps workers as well as passers-by. A few simple but important steps can prevent catastrophic accidents and injuries. Keeping safety in mind first and stressing it to all workers is not just a good policy, it is good business.