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4 more low-budget ways to make your home cosy

We’re taking another look at inexpensive ways to turn your home into a calm and cosy haven for the winter. Here are four more ideas for you.

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1. Bring in autumn colour

In autumn, when the leaves start falling, lots of us dream about a weekend away in a country cottage, savouring the woodsmoke and walking through the leaves. A look at the costs involved often puts that idea to rest.

Nevertheless, you can suggest autumn and its colours through your decor. Try bringing in fir cones and arranging them near the fire or in a bowl on a table. Include richly-coloured rose hips and other berries in your flower arrangement. Try adding a bowl of walnuts, russet red apples or clementines with leaves; they’ll all help you feel in touch with the pleasures of autumn.

2. Try richer paint colours

If you’ve invested in a faux fur rug or throw, it’s very effective to pick up some of its rich colour in an accent wall. Pastels are great for summer, but darker colours are a lot cosier. Take a look at rich burgundies, ochres and dark greens – all natural autumn tints. By painting just one wall, you can change the colour scheme to suit the season without the upheaval involved in redecorating a whole room.

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3. Make the walls more interesting

Acres of pale emulsion are fine in summer but look chilly in winter. Instead of painting the whole room, once you have an accent wall, add photos and pictures to the other walls to break up the space and add warmth. You should also confirm that you will have actual warmth by getting the boiler serviced in good time. In areas like Gloucester boiler servicing is something most people do yearly.

4. Add wood

Wood is warmer to the touch than manmade materials and gives a visual impression of cosiness. You can pick up old wooden side tables in charity shops that can be sanded to a matte finish or varnished. Wood-lined rooms look great and always feel cosy. Country Living has a good guide on where to buy reclaimed wood.

Now it’s time to add a superb box set and a glass of warming wine and let winter do its worst.