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How to Make the Living Room a Safe Are for Kid’s to Play

How to Make the Living Room a Safe Are for Kid’s to Play It is great to have a place where children can play and keep all their toys safe and tidy. If having a playroom does not fit you budget or you do not have another room to spare to be converted into a playroom, the living room can serve this function. Most children play in the living room anyway. The trouble is how to keep the living room a safe place for kids to play as well as how to get rid of the clutter. We are all aware that most accidents occur at home. It can happen not just to children but to us and anyone in the house. Trips, slips, falls, scalding, poisoning and even drowning are the common accidents that happen at home to children who are 6 years old and below. Particularly dangerous and sometimes is not given close attention are the children’s toys which were left in some area of the home specifically if the living room is used as a playroom. Following are some useful tips to make sure that the living room is a safe area to play. Assign a specific space in the living room where children can play. Tell your child that you have assigned this area as his play spot and must keep within that vicinity whenever he wants to play. Teach your child orderliness. Have furniture like shelves and cabinets where he can store his playthings. A child must be taught orderliness while still young. Tell your child that after playing with a certain toy, it must be put back where it belongs. If a task has been started such as an art project, puzzle or craft, assign a portion of the provided area where ongoing tasks are to be kept so your child can continue with it when ready. Teach your child to pick up the pieces of toys that have scattered on the floor every time play time is finished. Instill in the children’s mind that cleaning is enjoyable. Cleaning has been thought of by children as a duty as there are some parents who use it as to punish them. In order to get this thinking out of their mind, encourage them to do their tidying with a song and to finish the cleanup before the song is finished. Give the child an incentive like a piece of candy or a special snack to motivate the child to do the cleaning. It is also a good time to get the child to be familiar with learning numbers and colors. Request the child to get two things or five items to learn numbers or to pick up things by their color. Buy toys that are suitable for the child’s age. Toys differ depending on the child’s age. Be cautious enough in buying toys; read the labels and warnings. Tiny toys must not be given to children. Put an area rug to keep your child safe and protected in case he miss a step. There are various kinds of rugs that are comfortable and are fitted to any types of flooring. This will keep the child from hurting himself if he decides to roll over on the floor. Ensure that your child stays within the vicinity of the play spot. Furniture that must be placed in the play area must, likewise, be safe.