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Why It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Why It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door There are plenty of projects to keep us busy in our homes, both for our own comfort and satisfaction, and to increase the curb appeal and property value. But the one project you should consider next is probably the one you least considered, replacing your garage door. There are many advantages to replacing your garage door. Read on to learn a few reasons why you should consider replacing your door, if you haven’t already considered it. 1. Improve The Doors Appearance One of the biggest reasons to replace your garage door is to put up a new one that matches the look and feel of your home, and that will be relatively maintenance free. If your door is older and you’ve repainted or resided your home, chances are they no longer match. 2. Decrease Maintenance Requirements Some types of doors, particularly older ones, require repainting every year in order to prevent rotting and decay. Even then, they are susceptible to the elements. Installing a new door that is maintenance free will go a long way in reducing this annual headache and chore 3. Better Insulation = Lower Utility Bills Technology has come a long way since your last garage door was installed. New insulation and molding methods make doors much more energy efficient. This will help keep the heat out during the summer and in during the winter. And while you may not care about the temperature in your garage, the living spaces around the garage, such as a bedroom or living or kitchen, will be much more comfortable and less drafty. Cleveland garage doors or Texas, hot or cold, you will notice the difference and so will those you live with. 4. Gain more space Now that your garage is no longer a sweat box in the summer or an ice box in the winter, you can utilize the extra space to work. Perhaps a small office for yourself or an extra play area for the kids. Alternatively you can utilize the new space for extra storage, as your garage will now better protect your belongings against the elements. 5. Better security Newer garage doors come with better security features, such as rolling code technology. This makes it nearly impossible for a thief to use a scanning device to capture your door remote opener signal and clone it. The only way he will be able to break in is by stealing your opener itself, or busting through the door. And since you have a new door made of high quality material, it will be difficult for him to do that. 6. Reduce Injury Risk There is something about a garage door that makes kids want to play with it, even though they are warned against doing so. It is fun to hit the button and watch the door go up and down, to swing on it, to race to beat the closing door. Safety eyes are a mandatory in all new door installations these days. This feature will detect when an object, or child, is in the path of the closing door and will stop. This will ensure that nothing gets accidentally crushed.