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Why Get Plantation Shutters for Your Home?

Are you in the market for a new set of window treatments and wondering if plantation shutters are a good fit for your home? As window treatments go, you will find that you have no shortage of options in the market from your typical window blinds to the more unusual shutter designs.

That said, there is one type of window treatment that has stood the test of time and remain popular as ever among homeowners – the classic plantation shutters!

So what exactly are plantation shutters and how did they come to be? In this article, we will go over a bit of the latter’s history and how they compare to retractable awnings in Sydney and other forms of window treatment.

Where did plantation shutters originate from?

Now before we go over the origin of plantation shutters, it is essential to note that they are different from the traditional shutters of the past. For one thing, classic plantation shutters feature angled and narrow slats that are typical of most homes in Old England. This trend started to shift as more people started to move South.

Spanish settlers who mostly lived on plantation farms were one of the first people to introduce the idea of adapting classic shutters to suit prevalent climate conditions. Today’s DIY plantation shutters feature wider louvres and come in various designs and sizes.

Before buying a set of plantation shutters, it would be prudent to look around for the most suitable options in terms of price and material. Know that just about every part of the shutter, including the slats and dividing rails, can be personalised and sized to fit your exact requirements.

How do plantation shutters work and compare to other window treatments?

The primary advantage of getting plantation shutters is that they are great for maximising airflow on indoor spaces. This explains why plantation shutters are a common sight for homes located in tropical regions. Wide slats provide ample space for air and sunlight to enter freely. Before the arrival of modern conveniences like electricity and air conditioning, people have had to rely on these window treatments to keep their house cool and comfortable, especially during the summer.

Another notable feature of plantation shutters is that they are typically installed on hinges that enable homeowners to open or close them completely. This makes them an excellent choice for blocking out light completely and maintain a measure of privacy.

Plantation shutters also offer excellent insulation, which helps retain heat or cold for a more energy efficient home. People with plantation shutters often find that they do not have to rely as much on heaters and air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable.

So there you have it — some perfectly good reasons to get plantation shutters and how they compare with other window treatments. As you may have already realised, plantation shutters are a practical and smart choice for window treatments that offer excellent value for your time and money. If you’re interested in getting one for your home, it would be prudent to take your time to shop around for different options in terms of style, material and cost.  Only then can you expect to find the perfect set of plantation shutters that suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.