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Which Type of Garage Door Is the Best? Steel, Fiberglass, Wood, Wood Composite, or Aluminum Door?

Which Type of Garage Door Is the Best? Steel, Fiberglass, Wood, Wood Composite, or Aluminum Door? The first choice for a garage door shopper before picking out a specific model is to choose which of the three types of garage doors will best suit the buyer’s needs. There are three types. There are steel, composite, and wood. Steel- These doors are the most popular garage door to use and for good reasons. They are the most durable for the best price and come in almost any design. Some of them even mimic wood doors in their aesthetics. However, steel doors aren’t insulated well so they aren’t great for the heating bill. They also don’t block out noise if you have a garage band hangout for a garage or use a lot of loud power tools for garage work. The less expensive or cheaper steel doors use a higher gauge of steel which is thinner. The more expensive ones use a lower gauge of steel which is thicker and more durable to take a beating from things like branches and baseballs. Fiberglass- These types of doors offer a good amount of resistance to dents. They are the least used type of door for a persons garage. This type of door is best used for locations near the coast. They resist weather damage the best. Wood- These types of garage doors were the first kinds of doors ever used and are very traditional in their look. The cheapest are painted wood featuring hard board panels. Stain grade wood costs more but looks more like natural wood for appeal. Woods doors need to be maintained and re-finished intermittently. They have better insulation than steel. However, a steel door that is insulated is better for saving on the energy bill. They can have windows as well. Wood composite- These doors are produced with wood fibers that have been recycled. These types of doors provide the durability of steel doors and the aesthetics and feel of wood doors. They can be painted and re-finished. They don’t get water damage or break as easy as wood garage doors. Aluminum- Doors that use aluminum are similar to thin or high gauge steel doors. They often come with optional faux wood texture and enduring finishes. Aluminum is still lighter than steel doors but isn’t very durable and can get damaged easier than steel doors, especially low gauge steel doors. Don’t forget to evaluate your specific needs before picking your type so that you won’t have to redo the installation. If you want to save on your energy bill and go for a lower price that is durable, then a steel door with insulation is your best bet. If your going for something else then you’ll want to consider another type of door for your garage.