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Using Area Rugs As Living Room Decorations

Using Area Rugs As Living Room Decorations An area rug would not be a successful investment if it is ill-fitting in your living room. There must be a 4×8 inches distance from the rug and the wall of furniture. In choosing area rugs, bear in mind the following: The different measurements of area rugs You can shop both at furniture shops and online furniture stores for your area rug and you will find that the most common sizes of rugs are 6×9, 8×10, and 9×2 feet. Measure the dimensions of your living room floor before you shop though. You can also opt for tailor-made rugs, which are not as costly as you think. The good thing about these rugs is that they are perfectly fitted in your living room. Hues and designs The most important thing to consider is the look of the rug especially if your main purpose for buying a rug is to enhance the look of your living room. The most suggested designs for rugs are geometrical designs. Also, be on the lookout for striking and lively colors. Make sure that they blend well with the colors of your living room. Some people still want plain rugs without designs. Then you must make up for the color if you want such rugs. Neutral colors like brown and beige will be perfect to foster a cozy and comfortable ambiance in the room. There are also those who want to be adventurous and extroverted in their designs. You can go for for your favorite color. If you buy strong and striking colors, you must balance these by picking out neutral and soft colors for your furniture and other home decors. Opt for soft and comfortable rugs The good thing about area rugs is that you can lie down and sit on them. Your kids can sit here while watching TV or playing games. You do not want your rug to serve only as an adornment but also as a comfortable fixture in the room. There are various materials used for area rugs. Wools are perfect for cold seasons. Natural materials like jute and sisal may feel bumpy and rough. Silk is a good choice as we all know that this material is soft, smooth and aristocratic. You have to have a bigger budget for this material though. If you want to be more experimental and varied in your designs, you can use more than one in your room. You can strategize their location by placing them in diagonal, circular, or rectangular formation and placing the coffee table at the center. This also allows for more color choices. Hence, if you want a change in your living room but do not want to buy a new set of furniture, do it with area rugs.