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How to Eat in the Living Room Without Ruining Your Furniture

How to Eat in the Living Room Without Ruining Your Furniture Today’s living rooms are more focused on giving more space. Designers have given importance to having a natural light in the room and to equally enhance it with more lighting. Furniture made of wood is usually recommended as it is gives radiance to the other fixtures without sacrificing the kindness and affection of the living room’s mood. However, since the living room also becomes a place where we eat and drink while doing the abovementioned activities, not to forget doing the same when we have visitors, there is always the danger of ruining our furniture. Spills and stains are a common thing. Likewise, crumbs can also fall between the cushions that can invite pests to live in the sofas. This is even uncontrollable especially if there are children at home. So, what is the best way to deal with this? How can we continue to eat in the living room without ruining the furniture? Following are some tips which you can adapt. Have a coffee table to prevent people to keep on holding their cups or glasses that can eventually lead to spills. Serve drinks with coasters so they will not leave marks on the table. Get an area rug under the coffee table will also help. Assign this area for eating. Doing so will free your sofa and the other furnishings in the living room to get stains. In fact, you can assign different colors of area rugs for activities like playing or just sitting and talking. Slipcovers are another way to take care of your furniture. This essential piece of material protects your sofa from stains and spills or leaks most especially if children are around. They are similarly a necessity if you have pets inside your home. Slipcovers can either be a whole piece or the single ones. This will depend on the number of cushions your couch has. They are available in colors that will blend with the hue of your existing furniture, the other decorations as well as with the walls of your living room. Aside from protecting your couches from spills and stains, slipcovers also safeguard your sofa materials from the weights and temperature it has to bear which causes wear and tear. They can be machine-washed so you do not have to worry on how to maintain them. Slipcovers are made from different materials: cotton, cloth, polyester, vinyl and synthetic vinyl. They are very much within your means. Remember the living room is called such this is the life of the home. As a matter of fact, it is the second essential room in any home. Therefore, it is especially crucial that much care be given to its furniture. Thinking of a lot of ways to keep your living room a comfortable area for the family as well as your friends and guests is easy. Without compromising the joys of eating and drinking while relaxing and getting entertained, you as the homeowner can follow the above tips to alleviate fears of your furniture getting ruined.