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Flea and Tick Season Has Arrived!

Animal lovers everywhere shudder at the thought of an invasion of fleas or ticks on their beloved animals or within their home – yet it happens all the time. No matter how closely you guard the time your four-legged friend spends outside, or how restrictive you are about where your pet goes when out on walks, your furry friend can be a flea and tick magnet. Once the fleas take a bite of your pet’s hide, they multiply unbelievably quickly. Protect your pet and keep him or her safe from the tiny pests with the following tips.

1. Lawn Care

If you keep your lawn cut down and trim the bushes and shrubs in your yard, the sunlight will be able to reach the ground and prevent the fleas and ticks from taking hold. The UV rays and heat from the sun will also keep the ground drier, which will prevent the fleas Elkhorn WI from thriving.

2. Nematode Help

Nematodes are small, worm-like creatures that love to feast on fleas. So, instead of investing in chemical sprays for your yard, head to your garden store and ask for a supply of nematodes. The critters won’t hurt people or pets, but they will help you get rid of fleas in no time.

3. Tick Prevention

Ticks are a danger to your four-legged baby and to humans, so it is essential you keep them off your lawn and away from your children. Cutting back overgrown shrubs and brush around your yard is only the first step. Create a three-foot-wide path near any wooded area in your yard to prevent the ticks from moving onto your grass.

If you have flea and tick problems every year, call in an eco-friendly pest control group to help you find the source of your problem. It could be as simple as too much water.