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Fast and Easy Installation of a Garage Door Insulation Kit

Fast and Easy Installation of a Garage Door Insulation Kit In the days when garages were structures that were separated from the house, it wasn’t really important to keep the environment within them cool or warm. They housed a vehicle, kept hail from damaging it, and blocked the harsh rays of the sun. Now that most garages are merely extensions to a house, it has become more necessary to maintain a temperate climate. This can be done by adding garage attic insulation, insulation in the walls, air-tight windows, and insulation in the garage door itself. Without all of this protection from the elements, your garage is going to let in a lot of cold air in the winter and hot air in summer. A hollow-core steel garage door is one of the worst culprits when it comes to trying to maintain comfortable temperatures in this out building. If your door isn’t insulated, there’s no cause to fret, though. Numerous brands of door insulation kits are available for installation to take care of just this problem. The best time to install insulation is before you first hang the door, but it can be done afterward if necessary. If you purchased your home with the door already in place, there’s not much else you can do but work with the situation you have. Different insulation kits come made with a variety of different materials. The one you choose might have panels might have two layers of aluminum or vinyl-coated foil wrapped around a core of insulation, or polystyrene or fiberglass, both of which have plastic covering both sides of every panel. All of these will have different R-values making them more or less of a conductor of heat or cold. In the industry, these grades are known as high, medium, and low depending on their performance in slowing down heat and cold transmission. A kit which contains insulation rated high will give you the best maintenance of a more temperate environment. When purchasing your kit, you will need to consider door size and design as well as the material it is made of. Insulation is an excellent addition to steel doors, because metal incurs less damage than a wooden door does. No matter what kind of door you have on your garage, the better care you take of it, the longer it is going to function well for you. It doesn’t take long to install a garage door insulation kit. It might take you an hour at most, and excellent kits will only cost around $70. You will be improving the energy efficiency of both your home and garage substantially as well as creating a safer space for storage, a tool bench, or yard equipment which means that your money will be well spent.