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Common Sprinkler Issues to Look Out For

Don’t leave your front lawn looking sad and dry. Keep it lush and green by making sure it gets the right amount of water it needs. For this, you need your sprinkler to be completely functional. That way, you don’t miss out on the task because your sprinkler automatically does it for you.

Given that, here are some of the most common issues with the equipment that might need sprinkler repair Denver services.

Broken/ Tilted Heads

Sprinkler heads are prone to damage because of a variety of factors, such as foot traffic, lawn mower run-overs, and soil compaction. While you might think this is not a big deal, after all, it’s still able to spray water, it actually is.

Sprinklers are designed and installed to spray according to a specific pattern to maximize water distribution on your lawn. Tilted or broken sprinkler heads, therefore, mean certain areas of your lawn won’t be getting the water it needs. On the other hand, this new area where the water will be concentrated could result in water runoffs, not only causing puddles and flooding in your lawn but even the sidewalk.

Broken Pipes

Sprinkler problems are also possible underground, specifically in the form of broken pipes. This is more difficult to determine because it is out of sight. However, there should be telltale signs pointing to this issue.

Look out for areas that are more soggy than normal, or if the sprinkler isn’t extending as far out as it should. Broken pipes can be due to poor installation or tree roots expanding. If you do see signs of this particular problem, don’t delay calling in professional services for its repair.

Irregular Pressure

You should be able to control the pressure of your sprinkler. If, suddenly, you find it spraying with too low or too high a pressure, then there might be a problem with your sprinkler. Again, the main effect of this is either that your lawn won’t be getting the water it needs or it’s going to get too much of it.

An additional sign that your sprinkler has low pressure is that the head does not stand all the way to its full height. Meanwhile, an excessively high pressure creates a “misting” effect, wherein water particles get sprayed beyond the required area, which might not be something that your neighbor appreciates.

Broken or Missing Check Valves

Check valves are contained within the sprinkler head. Its primary function is to prevent any leakage when the sprinkler is turned off. Without a properly working check valve, there won’t be anything sealing off the water from the underground, and preventing it from flowing out.

These are but a few of the most common sprinkler problems that will need professional repair. Stay on top of your lawn maintenance. Get these issues fixed at the soonest possible time.