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Why are Texas Storm Shelters Important?

Everything Is Bigger In Texas: Including The Storms

The state of Texas is known for having everything bigger. And when it comes to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes they are known to have some of the largest ever recorded. These natural disasters can be quite devastating to individuals and families. Texas experiences, on average, around 155 tornadoes throughout a single year; which is more than any other state in North America. Therefore, Texas Storm Shelters are a crucial part of any Texans life.

Are Texas Storm Shelters Important?

With the recent increase in storms, there has been a huge popularity increase in storm shelters. These storm shelters provide security and safety to individuals during severe storms. The safe location can mean the difference between life and death during the extremely large F5 tornadoes and storms. They provide safety to individuals within seconds during these intense situations that could otherwise result in serious injury. A storm shelter does not always refer to a shelter underground. A storm shelter can be the traditional shelter, located underground, or even a safe room that has been built within a home. Basically, the designated shelter needs to be built strong enough to withstand winds and other harmful effects that result from a natural disaster. Aside from providing crucial safety; storm shelters also add a large value to a home. In some instances a store shelter could easily pay for itself in resale value; increasing the overall home value by 3 to 5 percent.

Understanding Storm Shelters

The greatest aspect of a storm shelter is that they are customizable. Not every individual or family has the same needs; therefore, their storm shelter should not be the same. These shelters are affordable safe rooms that are designed to fit each individual’s needs or desires. Plus, these safe spaces that are not the traditional storm shelter above ground can be installed in a variety of locations. They may be installed in closets, underneath stairs, basements, or even garages. Wherever an individual feels is the best location, trained professionals are able to work with them and get the perfect storm shelter installed. Individuals are also assured that only the best and highest quality of materials are used to build their safe storm shelters. Not only are the shelters built with the best materials, but the rooms are also tested by professionals in order to ensure the room follows proper storm standards. All material is tested through a high wind simulation in order to determine its durability.

Storm Season Is Coming

Imagine, an individual lies down at the end of a long hard day to catch some much-needed sleep. They are exhausted but a large storm forms overnight. There are high winds, heavy rain, and warning sirens. There is a large tornado heading straight for a home but it has no storm shelter. The individual may get lucky this time and survive the storm but will the outcome always be the same? Storm season is quickly approaching; therefore, individuals should begin deciding if they believe a storm shelter and their safety is worth the investment. Being able to have the piece of mind that there is a safe location individual are able to retreat too during dangerous storms is invaluable.