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Top Three Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Living Room Furniture

Top Three Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Living Room Furniture The family room, or living room, is the place where everyone hangs out and bonds. Watching a home movie, the favorite football game, playing games – all these are usually done in the living room. Hence, it is a must for any homeowner to make sure that the living room is as clean as possible at all times to avoid unnecessary accidents and for the overall health of the family. However, there are many cleaning or maintenance practices that actually do more good than harm with respect to the condition of the furnishings involved. Thus, it is important to follow the a couple of pointers to make sure that we can enjoy our priced pieces for the longest possible time. When cleaning desks or coffee tables, lift pieces placed on it before doing anything else. Not doing so may cause nicks and scratches on the table surface, which are typically hard to repair. Furthermore, it also allows for a more thorough cleaning of the surface which translates to less micro-organism build up. Moreover, when desk lamps and other such pieces are lifted, there will be less risk of them sliding off the table which may cause irreparable damage. Always disinfect the couch, couch pillows, and the carpet or rug. A lot of people love jumping onto the couch right after they enter the house. Even more of them love to eat while watching television or playing games. This means that the couch and its accompanying pillows might just as well be the dirtiest piece of furniture in the whole room. However, the rug is just as guilty of the crime. Always having a bottle of disinfectant spray in arm’s reach is a good idea to make sure that the they will not be a breeding place for germs which can cause serious illness among the household occupants. These two tips may sound so common-sensical, so much so that we take them for granted all-too-often. However, there are so many households who take these things for granted so often that they realise their importance only when disaster has come.