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Shower Accessories For a Girl’s First Bathroom

Shower Accessories For a Girl’s First Bathroom If you have a family bathroom and a young girl, chances are she’s started taking it over by now and perhaps it’s time you made it hers. This a brilliant way you can bond with your daughter and teach her responsibilities and if she has the option to choose her own bathroom accessories too, it could really benefit your relationship and her personal growth. Pink Accessories For The Bathroom When the time is here to decorate your daughter’s bathroom, you have a couple of options. They both involve the colour pink. There’s not many young girls who don’t like the colour pink. This is a good thing because you can use this as a base for your bathroom foundation. You should look to use a wide range of pink KW to set a theme to the room. To make it feel completely homely to your daughter, you could buy pink bathroom accessories for almost everything in the room from soap dispensers to wall paints to curtain rails and your daughter will love it Here’s where the options come in. You can go straight pink or you can go girly pink. Let’s take a look at them both. Straight Pink – This option is better suited to a longer term view and will be able to grow with your daughter. This will work exceptionally well if the pink bathroom accessories you choose aren’t targeted to young girls and the sink and shower accessories have the potential to grow with the child. While she may love all the pink and princessy things now, choosing more mainstream and age-neutral pink bathroom accessories will allow them to grow with the bathroom. This means that when your daughter grows up a little in say, 4 or 5 years’ time, you can simply replace pink wall colours to more neutral tones with accent pink bathroom accessories to brighten the place up. Childhood Pink – If you want nothing more than to see your daughter happy in her bathroom then you may want to allow her the freedom to choose her own pink bathroom accessories that may only be suitable for the next couple of years whilst she’s young. To put yourself in her frame of mind, you need to be thinking of princesses or other characters that they like right now. It will be a cute fun bathroom that she will enjoy for now, and in a couple of years, when she grows out of that phase, you can trade them out for a bathroom accessories set that is more age appropriate at that time.