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Leather Recliner Chair – Style, Comfort, and Status in One Piece of Furniture

Leather Recliner Chair – Style, Comfort, and Status in One Piece of Furniture The leather recliner chair has been part of American culture since the nineteen fifties. It has been a symbol of the American love of comfort and ease. What Is It? It is a chair that can be made to lie back either by a mechanical movement device or by kinetic energy. There is foot rest that pops up from the lower part of the chair when the chair is in the reclining position and then quickly retreats into it position when the reclining feature is closed. The back rest of the chair is usually well padded. In the case of the leather reclining chair the cushions are covered in leather. What Are They Used For? They are favored in the living room, den or family room. They are also a favorite spot in which to watch TV or take a nap. They are predominately associated with men as the main users, although there is no statistical data to support this theory. Styles There are plenty of options that have been added to these great chairs over the years. Some have built in pouches to stow remotes, magazines and other reading material. The storage pouch usually is located on the side of the chair in easy reaching distance. Some styles come with heated massage options. Some styles rock as they recline and some are simple stationary units. These can be rather elaborate and fully loaded with all options. Sometimes they are connected to a larger piece of furniture but work independent of the other pieces of furniture that they are connected to. Costs A leather recliner chair can be very affordable but largely depends on the installed options. Options that have the heat and massage options are definitely more expensive than traditional models that recline only. Expect to pay around five hundred dollars for a simple model and upwards of one thousand dollars for a better outfitted model. A leather recliner chair is an excellent addition to any home. They provide a great place to sink into after a long day at work. The leather makes these types of reclining chairs durable and stain resistant. They are a great option for folks that have problems with their feet and legs. They easily fit into most decors.