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How to Use Occasional Tables to Change a Look to Suit Your Mood

How to Use Occasional Tables to Change a Look to Suit Your Mood Redecorating your home can be costly and time-consuming. A few simple changes can make all the difference in updating your d?�cor and be the fresh change you’re looking to make. A living room with just couches, a table and TV seems very empty and unstylish, no matter how nice the furniture may be. It just feels like something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Occasional tables are the “accessories” to the right outfit. Without the side and end tables, a room is not dressed up to its full potential. Occasional tables can be used to display objects collected while traveling, fill up empty living space, store books and magazines, display flowers, present fine crystal, act as a pedestal for lamps and so much more. They can also be statement-making pieces all on their own. Sturdy solid-wood end tables or other block-style end tables can even be stored under coffee tables and pulled out for extra seating or table space to accommodate extra guests. Occasional tables are easily rearranged and inexpensive to replace. Tables can come in matching sets or you can acquire them separately. A set can be matching but does not necessarily have to come together. You can purchase end tables in the same shape, color family or design and have them be different sizes to add dimension. Sets that come together in descending sizes can be handy if you only plan on using them to serve drinks or snacks while entertaining. A side table is a great way to add a bold accent color or material to your d?�cor that you may not want in large amounts. A red ceiling might be too much for you to commit to, while a red end table can be just the right piece to add a vibrant pop to your space. An accent piece can make a bold statement through stripes or patterns that completely change the feel of the room without adding too much. Instead of redecorating your whole living room, consider changing your end tables from wood to glass or iron. It will change the entire feel of the living room and completely modernize it. A small change may be subtle enough to barely be noticed, but enough to make a large impact. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to change the feel of your living space. A new end table or two may be all you need to satisfy the need for change.