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How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Property

Preventative measures taken to protect the home against water damage saves homeowners countless amounts of frustration, expense, time, and worry. Water damages take on many forms, all of which lead to problems ranging from damaged appliances to mold and mildew and other problems that put families at-risk and bank accounts in negative digits. Although a water damage restoration company is around if you need them, following the tips below reduces the risk of damage in the home.

Disconnect Water Hoses

Winter weather wreaks havoc on unprotected plumbing. Disconnect hoses from outside spigots now to prevent leftover water from freezing inside of the hose, busting when it thaws, and causing big problems to the foundation, floor, and even the walls of the home. Disconnect all hoses now and reduce that worry later.

Clean the GUtters

Schedule professional gutter and downspout cleaning twice each year. Regular gutter cleaning prevents ice dams and blockages which can damage the roof and the gutters. It also reduces the risks of cracks and other damage that may lead to leaks. Although DIY gutter and downspout cleaning is possible, professionals come to the job prepared with the tools and expertise to improve the area.

Maintain the Home’s Landscaping

Trees, shrubbery, and flowers enhance the outdoor landscaping and add curb appeal to the property, but they also cause potential problems if they aren’t well-maintained. Keep landscaping away from pipes and plumbing and a minimum distance from the home to prevent damages. Keep trees/shrubbery trimmed and well-maintained at all times!

Check Your Appliances

Leaking appliances damage the floor, walls, and other components of the home, as well as the appliance itself. Keep an eye on appliances that could potentially leak, including the hot water heater and washing machine. If you notice any signs of a leak, reach out to a professional to schedule repair at once.

Make Necessary Upgrades

Hoses and pipes wear out over time. When they wear out, holes, cracks, and other types of damages occur quickly, causing damage before you may realize what’s occurred. Replace hoses, pipes, and other items that wear out that are prone to leaks according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid water damage. This simple step saves an abundance of time and potential problems around the home.

Call for Help

Leaks are a part of homeownership. Expect them and prepare for them. When a problem occurs, call a plumbing company to make a repair before the problem worsens and causes more damage to your home and fixtures. Reach out to a water restoration company as well, since moisture and even minuscule amounts of water on the floor, behind walls, etc. can lead to big damages.

Install a Water Detector

A water detection device rings an alarm when the sensor comes into contact with moisture or water. The device detects slow leaks and moisture leaks that cause problems for so many homeowners. The device also helps prevent mold growth and damage when it is installed near dishwashers, toilets, and sump pumps. This device is sold at local home improvement stores and available from plumbing professionals.

Prevention is better than a repair and need for water damage restoration, especially where water damage to a home is concerned. Keep the tips above in mind to ensure water damage isn’t a concern for your family. These ideas are a few of the many ways to keep your home in great condition, free of damages and despair.