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How to Add Color to Neutral Home Decor

Are you surrounded by white walls and neutral décor? Adding color to a home can sometimes feel intimidating. Neutrals like white, gray, and tan often feel like safe choices for furniture, walls, and cabinetry because they never go out of style. But, a completely neutral palette can end up feeling a little boring. On the other hand, decorating with colors, in large and small doses, can add personality and character to a home. According to Health, adding color to your home is also a good way to boost your mood. If your home is overwhelmed by neutral shades, it’s time to dive in and add some fun pops of color.

Update your soft furnishing and linens

If you aren’t ready for a color commitment, throw pillows and blankets, shower curtains, duvets, and accent rugs are all good places to start. Because these are usually inexpensive, soft furnishings allow you to swap out colors and patterns often, either seasonally or as your taste evolves. Use these items to experiment with colors while you find what you love most. But, don’t stop there. Once you become more comfortable with the idea of colors as part of your décor, move on to adding color in more impactful ways.


Paint is the most obvious and easy way to add color to a neutral room. But, don’t limit yourself to painting the walls. While bright or dark colors can be too overwhelming when splashed over the entire room, they can add drama and personality when painted into less obvious spaces. Consider painting the inside of a bookcase, the ceiling, or a piece of accent furniture for a pop of color.

Don’t forget the kitchen

White kitchens have been trendy for the last few years. But, the tide is starting to turn, and for good reason. Since you likely spend the bulk of your time at home in the kitchen, it should be filled with inspiring, mood-boosting colors that you love. As shows, installing a new backsplash is an effective way to change the look of a neutral kitchen by adding an area of color. Opt for a soft blue and a light green for a calm look. Another big trend in kitchen design is painted cabinets, especially when done in two hues. Choose an accent color, like navy, dark green, or black for lower cabinets or an island. Keep the upper or perimeter cabinets white or neutral for an on-trend kitchen that is more interesting than an all-white look.

Add lighting

Lamps and bulbs might not seem to have much to do with color, but, as Home Guides reveals, lighting actually plays a large role in how colors look in a home. The way light reflects around the room can change the shape and appearance of colors. To ensure the colors you add to your home look the most interesting, add light in layers. Natural light from open windows lighten colors and give a lovely glow to a room. Overhead light washes a room in light, while lamps and directional lighting can nightlight areas and make colors pop in specific zones.