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Give Your Most Used Room a Touch of Luxury And Class By Choosing Leather Living Room Furniture

Give Your Most Used Room a Touch of Luxury And Class By Choosing Leather Living Room Furniture At one time when you thought of leather living room furniture the first thing that would come to mind would be a leather chesterfield style suite. The leather was often high sheen, and with that came a chill when you sat on the leather. The style of a chesterfield also meant that the suites were often stiff and hard to sit on. However, now you can get leather living room furniture that feels soft and warm to touch and therefore very comfortable to sit on. The different finishes of leather available also mean you can get the warmth of touch and some texture to the leather. Leather living room furniture is now very affordable. Not so long ago, the price of leather furniture was prohibitive and only the wealthy could afford it. Obviously, there has always been faux leather available but it is a very poor substitute for the real thing. The leather used in furniture making today is long lasting, can be treated to repel and protect against discolouration and stains. The other reason leather living room furniture is becoming more and more popular is that it comes in a huge range of styles and colours. Man kinds use of leather goes back to the Paleolithic period. Leather was not only worn but also used to make rudimentary tents and shelters. Leather was probably first used in furniture making sometime in the latter part of the 19 th century, when the processes used in the manufacture of leather advanced. More modern synthetic tanning agents and colouring methods were introduced. The methods used to tan leather were much improved with the introduction of chemicals to speed up and help the tannin process. There is now a massive range of coloured leather living room furniture, from the vibrant and eye-catching bright reds to the muted warm rich tones of brown. You can go all out for colour or choose a more subdued and classic look. Leather furniture does not have to be solid block colour, there are many different effects like rubbed through leather, giving an uneven colour that is altogether softer in tone. It does not matter what colour or style you prefer, the leather furniture will have something to suit your taste. From the uncomfortable slightly formal chesterfield suites of years ago to the soft sumptuous and luxurious leather living room furniture we have today is quite a leap forward. All leather regardless if it is used for clothing, bags or furniture has to go through the same tanning process used centuries ago. The difference today is that chemicals have replaced tree bark and ash in the tanning process, giving us much suppler and beautiful leathers. Go fill your living room with some gorgeous leather and create that touch of luxury and comfort.