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The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Sparkling Pool

A beautiful, sparkling pool is the perfect respite from the heat on a summer day. However, keeping your pool clean and inviting takes regular maintenance.

From balancing the water chemistry to skimming debris and shocking the pool, there are many essential steps in keeping your pool clean. 

Use the Right Chemicals

A beautiful, sparkling pool looks inviting and is the centerpiece of a backyard oasis. However, a pool that needs to be kept up correctly can be a breeding ground for bacteria and cause equipment failure.

Using the right chemicals and keeping up with regular cleaning routines is essential to prevent this. This includes skimming the surface, vacuuming the pool floor, and brushing the walls. This helps break up debris and makes removing it easier for the filtration system.

Every clean pool needs the right chemicals, including chlorine and bromine to sanitize the water, a pH increaser and decreaser to maintain a balanced pH level, an algaecide to kill any algae spores that may be floating around, and clarifiers and enzymes to help with the overall water clarity. It is also helpful to have an intelligent pool care device to get accurate, real-time readings of your pool’s water chemistry.

Keep the Water Clean

Keeping your pool physically clean is essential for sparkling, crystal-clear water. Skimming the surface regularly to remove debris like leaves, bugs, twigs, and hair ties prevents your pool filter from clogging. And sweeping or brushing the walls, ladders, and corners regularly removes lurking algae formations before they become problematic.

You also need to test your pool water regularly. An unbalanced chemical level can be corrosive to surfaces and equipment, not to mention dangerous for swimmers. So invest in a reliable pool water testing kit and make it part of your weekly routine.

Adding liquid muriatic acid or soda ash to adjust your water chemistry will keep it in the ideal range for your pool. It will also ensure that sanitizers work effectively.

Keep the Water Temperature Right

A sparkling pool is an attractive feature that boosts a home’s value. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Pool cleaning company Schaumburg IL regular maintenance ensures the pool is clean, healthy, and safe. It also helps to extend the life of the pool equipment.

Water testing and chemical treatment are critical for keeping your pool in top condition. A reliable test kit can help you achieve the perfect balance of chemicals and prevent algae growth and cloudy water.

Keeping the water moving by running the vacuum and skimming regularly is also essential. This helps circulate the water and remove any debris that settles at the bottom of the pool. And don’t forget to clean the filter—it’s an underrated but essential factor in keeping your pool sparkling.

Keep the Pool Filter Clean

When a pool looks murky, it is a sign that the filter needs to be cleaned. The filter is like your pool’s liver and kidneys; it helps keep the water clean and clear for swimming.

Mother nature brings in debris from leaves, plants, and insects, and swimmers leave many natural oils, sun creams, hair products, and residue from bathing. Keeping your filter clean prevents these things from getting into the pool water, where they can cause disease and make people sick.

It is best to backwash the filter once a week using the appropriate pool-cleaning chemicals. Adding a clarifier can also reduce the need for backwashing frequently because it helps bind particles together so the filter can more easily remove them.

Keep the Pool Clean

A sparkling clean pool is the pinnacle of backyard luxury and a beautiful focal point for relaxation and entertaining. The best way to keep your pool looking its best is by establishing a cleaning routine, testing the water regularly, and adding shock treatments when needed.

Regularly skimming the surface of your pool removes leaves, twigs, and other debris that can make the water look cloudy. Vacuuming the pool and brushing the walls and tiles can also help keep your pool looking its best and help prevent algae buildup.

A clean, sparkling swimming pool results from properly balanced chemicals and a clean, well-maintained filter. Keeping these factors in mind and following these tips from the pros can ensure your pool is clean, clear, and inviting for a refreshing summer swim.