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Choosing the Right Water Spigot

Choosing the Right Water Spigot Many people go to their local store and look at water spigots to buy and usually choose a water spigot based on looks. Who wants an ugly water spigot in their home or office when they can just purchase one that looks “cool” instead? The problem with this thought process is that most people do not give even a thought to the installation, rating, and filtration systems before they purchase a spigot for their home or office. Installation Process: Just because a spigot looks “cool” does not mean the installation process will go off without a hitch. Is there enough room for installation? Sometimes the parts underneath the sink will not allow you to properly fit your new spigot correctly to the either the water lines or the drainage tubes. Tools: Do you have all of the right tools? If you do have a tool box it is recommended that you have it close by during the installation process. You should also keep a flashlight handy as well. You may need to crawl to the back of the sink to tighten and untighten the bolts and I guarantee you that a flashlight will come in handy for this process. Filtration Systems: Filtrations systems are very popular with good reasons for water spigots. Since you are going to be working on your spigot it is a good time to consider proper filtration. There are many ways to go and these different options can cost much money. In addition to the upfront cost associated with a new water filtration unit, you must consider what it will cost you on an ongoing basis to replace the filters. The upfront cost for a water filtration system is range from a few hundred dollars and maybe into a thousand dollars for initial installation. However, the cost associated with replacement is very small. The average replacement filter cost $10-40 and will last a few months. These systems are very easy to install and to maintain. Just make sure you replace them as needed just like you do with your air filters at home. You can purchase many of these items including the replacements filters online from websites that are dedicated to water systems and water filters. You may even consult with qualified professionals regarding installation and maintenance prior to purchasing your first water spigot and filtration systems. Remember, it is not just about looks it is about functionality of your system and now and into the future.