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Choosing the Best Roofing Company Saves You Money

With the Arizona temperatures being at record highs all year round that can take a serious toll on your roofing. The sun’s rays can do severe damage to rooftops which result in corrosion, faulty shingles and very dangerous conditions. Ceilings could cave in at any time or leaks can cause the ceiling to completely collapse. With routine inspections, you can avoid these concerns. However, repairs and replacements are needed to keep your structure sound. Picking the right roofers is essential to ensure that you get the quality of work that you expect to keep your family or employees and your business safe. Commercial roofing services phoenix az can inspect your roof and advise you on what upgrades would be beneficial to save on heating and cooling costs. They can provide you information about what types of roofing would be best for your structure. You can choose between foam, shingle, flat and tile roofing depending on the type of structure and your location. Knowing the differences can help you make the best decisions.

Types of Roofing Materials

Foam Roofing: Ideal for commercial flat roof structures, protects against leaks, saves on energy costs.

Shingle Roofing: Cost effective, watertight seal, aesthetically pleasing, extended and lifetime warranties available.

Flat Roofing:
Can be cleaned, repaired and resurfaced: are cost-efficient and long-lasting.

Tile Roofing: Aesthetically pleasing to your home, long-lasting, energy efficient, and the least costly long term.

The most important thing to do when planning your roofing job is to choose the right contractor. Take the extra time to ask for recommendations from customers, neighbors, family members and friends or co-workers who have used a company. Check online for review sites and company ratings, verify licensing and proper insurance. Roofing is a very dangerous job with risks of workers getting hurt or others who may accidentally be in the way. Make sure that your contractor has the proper protections in place in case of injury and know what liabilities you may incur because of any injuries. Discuss the warranties extensively. Know what questions to ask and make sure that you fully understand what your warranties cover and for how long. Make sure that you know which services or materials may have a shorter warranty time than others. Be sure to ask about future inspections and repairs when needed.

When handling a claim, make sure to handle it through your own insurance agency and not the contractors. Check the laws in your area if your contractor tells you that they are a claims specialist. Don’t be afraid to check and then verify.

When choosing your materials, your contractor should provide you with the best recommendations for your structure and offer you a variety of choices. Don’t feel pressured to make a choice. Be sure that you confirm what is told to you and that it is the best choice for your needs and budget. Have someone along who has experience and can help you ask the right questions and decide on the best options.