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Apartment Maintenance Checklist for Fire Safety

Property managers in urban developments have a responsibility to maintain safe and comfortable environments for their tenants to live. Taking precautions against fires ensures proper preparation in case a blaze should occur. Here’s a checklist that all apartment building owners can take advantage of.


Emergency teams may require the use of the hydrants in front of your property to put out the flames. You can ensure that yours are in good working order by performing a routine automated fire flow test. This process helps you determine if your hydrant has enough pressure to do its job effectively. Always make sure the hydrants are accessible and in plain sight. Don’t let vegetation overgrow in the area.

Smoke Alarms

Warning and alert systems should be maintained and tested on a regular basis. Encourage your renters to let you know if detectors start beeping at odd times. This is usually a sign of a malfunction or battery drainage. Smoke alarms should never be removed for long periods of time, and there should be one in every room of substantial size.

Fire Extinguishers and Sprinklers

Review the building codes and fire safety protocols for the region where you’re located. There are typically requirements for extinguisher placement. The staff in your residential property should know how to access and use these just in case. Depending on the size of your building, emergency sprinklers may be required to further aid in putting out the flames in a fire.

Emergency Exits

There should also be easily accessible exits for tenants, excluding elevators. As the landlord or building owner, it’s a good idea to have an evacuation plan designed in advance to help your renters make it to the street should a fire break out on any floor.

Apartment living can be an exciting lifestyle in the big city. Take the necessary steps to attract and retain more tenants by showing how much you care about their homes and their wellbeing.