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A Guide to Wardrobe Doors

A Guide to Wardrobe Doors Often when you choose to decide on your home furnishings you may feel lost or confused. It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed with the sheer availability of variety. Home furnishings for many mean a change of furniture or a brand new coat of paint. But homes where small details are considered are the most aesthetically pleasing homes. For example a brightly painted wall with a shoddy door and loose door handle would look terribly off. Similarly a beautifully designed bedroom with boring wardrobe doors wouldn’t give the right impression about you or your taste. Doors change the overall look of your home, especially wardrobe doors. There are millions of designs out there that are waiting to be picked up and implemented. First things first, just consider a theme for your home. Once you have finalized what are the things you wish to see in your home, you will see a theme, which matches your wants. If you like modern, streamlined furniture then it’s the modern or urban chic look you are aiming to achieve. Such a theme can be well accentuated by doors of dark polish perhaps charcoal or even black lacquer. Or if you want to create a Victorian look around the house then you can opt for intricately carved wooden wardrobe doors to match your ornate furniture and dark painted walls. Some people decide to give a kitschy look to their homes. They pair things up, a funky rug underneath a solid wooden coffee table. For such homes, in fact homes with almost any kind of theme, louvers are the best solution. Best thing about louvers is that the wardrobe doors can be matched with your front doors, your kitchen and even bathroom cabinets. They are easy to clean and look fabulous with a single dab of polish. Another popular style is paneled wardrobe doors. They look interesting without making your wardrobe too messy or cluttered. It’s a classic example of how design can look good with function. Some people on the other hand choose to go with a highly simple form, wooden wardrobe doors, much smaller in width. They are covered in dark wooden polish, which looks beautiful and classy. Another trend, which has taken the wardrobe world with a storm, is the installation of sliding doors. These doors are covered with a metallic frame and installed with fiber optic glass. The glass is opaque and it gives a vague view of the wardrobe. What is the best feature of a sliding wardrobe that an overflowing wardrobe is hard to close but with a sliding door, it becomes very easy to open at all times of the day. The metallic frame can be painted any color you like to match the look and feel of the room. Some wardrobe doors are all about lattice-work. They are stunning to look at but might be costlier than the average wardrobe doors. Again it all depends on how much are you willing to pay for your home. Wardrobe doors are such that you won’t want to change again and again. They are one time investment and you should feel proud about them.