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3 Tips for a Better Lawn

Homeowners often vie for who has the best-kept lawn in the neighborhood. Because of the pride taken in how their yard grass looks, homeowners find it imperative to work on keeping their lawns as healthy as possible. Of course, healthy grass improves the lawn’s appearance, but the parts of the lawn that play a significant supporting role, including the soil, can also receive the attention they deserve to help the lawn achieve its beautiful best. If you follow three tips, you will go far in improving the overall health and look of your garden’s best asset.

1. Water Correctly

How you water your lawn makes a big difference in how the grass responds to moisture. When watered shallowly, plant roots remain at the soil’s surface, where they dry out quickly, damaging the lawn. However, lawn roots will grow deeper by watering less often but more deeply, usually to a depth of one inch depending on soil texture, causing sturdier plant growth and drought resistance. Furthermore, you will also save on water bills.

2. Improve Soil Aeration

Soil aeration means poking holes into the soil. Aerating soil allows more oxygen into deeper ground levels and aids in lessening carbon dioxide amounts in upper dirt layers, thereby improving lawn health. Additionally, aerating opens up the soil, helping to loosen tamped-down dirt, allowing water and fertilizer to reach the plant roots more easily. You can manage soil aeration if you own a small lawn, but commercial landscape services St Louis MO can help with larger lawn aeration in a residential or business location.

3. Choose Appropriate Seed

Your lawn grass varieties will vary depending on annual sunlight and rainfall levels. Whether you have nutrient-rich clay soil or more porous sandy soil, soil conditions and textures impact lawn grasses’ ability to thrive in your locale. A variety of grass seeds means you can select those most responsive to your local gardening conditions.

Wise gardeners following these tips will help ensure their lawns look excellent. Furthermore, the plants improve by focusing on grass health, reflecting your yard’s overall outstanding appearance.