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10 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Decorating your home can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. It can be overwhelming because an empty wall can be decorated in so many ways. Decorating an empty wall can open up a room and it can bring life and color to a room. Here are ten ways to have fun decorating your wall in your home.

  1. Decorate your wall with a mirror

A mirror can open up a room by making the room look much bigger than it seems. Mirrors also bring light into a room.

  1. Construct a wall of favorite things

You can decorate walls to show off your favorite things. For example you can have several pictures of your family, favorite paintings, or even your show off your pride for your state with some Texas Flag art. To make a room feel larger, have the pictures or art going up to the ceiling.

  1. Decorate your wall with plants

Plants make unique wall decoration and it brings the outdoors in. Plants also bring life to the room.

  1. Show off your favorite plates

Instead of a china cabinet, think of putting the plates on the walls. Plates can add pattern and color to a boring wall.

  1. Stationing shelves on the wall

Having shelves on the wall can add more space for you to display books or Texas Flag art. Shelves also are great for cat owners. Cats love being in high places so shelves on the wall could provide that. Shelves can bring dimension and texture to a wall.

  1. Add an accent wall

When you are painting a room, do one wall in a vivid color. You could do one wall in the wallpaper you like. This accent wall can be the focal point in a room. The accent wall could even showcase something you want to show off.

  1. Tell a story on a wall

If you are an artist, you could paint a mural on a wall. Murals can tell a story and bring beauty to a room. If you aren’t an artist, you can hire one.

  1. Get removable wall art

If you live in an apartment, having removable wall art is a great idea. You can remove the wall art and take it with you if you have to move. Since the wall art is removable, you could even change it up if you want to. There are many styles available to choose from.

  1. Decorating an office wall

If you have a home office, here’s two ways to decorate an office wall. One way is to add an enlarged calendar to a wall. You would be able to keep track of the day’s occurrences. The second way to decorate an office wall is to make the wall into a huge whiteboard or chalkboard. There is paint that actually acts like a chalkboard. This is another way to keep track of the day’s occurrences.

  1. Adding some more light and romance into a room

Another way to bring in light into a room is to have sconces on a wall. Sconces can also bring romance into a room. Sconces can showcase a painting or picture by putting them on either side of the art or picture. They could bring texture to a room too.

Decorating doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore. These were ten ways to inspire you to start decorating your walls in your home.