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Are You in For Dental Implants and What’s Needed to Prepare?

Are you an ideal candidate for dental implants that dentists use surgery to place in your jawbone and replace the roots of missing teeth? These implants are considered better than other dental solutions as they are lasting, look real, and protect the jawbone. Fusion of the titanium section of the dental implant with the jawbone guarantees that it does not slip, be noisy, or result in a worn jawbone, unlike permanent bridgework or dentures. The whole structure is made of material that never rots. Let’s take a look at factors determining if you’re now prepared to have a dental implant before you decide…

Overall, you may be a candidate for dental implants if:

1. You want one or several missing teeth replaced
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2. Your jawbone has attained maximum growth
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3. Your jawbone is adequate enough to secure the implant or you may undergo bone grafting

4. Your mouth tissues are in good condition

5. You don’t suffer health complications that may hinder bone healing

6. You can’t wear dentures or just don’t like them

7. You need a dental solution that supports better speech

8. You’re able to commit a number of months to the dental therapy

Preparing for the Process

Because one or more surgical interventions are necessary in the placement of dental implants, you have to go through an exhaustive examination in preparation for the process. You will have to undergo a complete dental screening that may include the taking of oral x-rays so that models for your teeth and mouth are created.

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A treatment regimen that’s customized to your situation will be created. The plan will consider issues like the number of teeth you need replaced as well as the state of your jawbone. Different dental specialists will be involved in the planning process, such as a doctor whose specialty is disorders of the mouth, jaw, and face. A dentist that deals with structures that support teeth and a specialist that will place the implants with remedies like crowns will also help with the planning.

Talk to Your Doctor About Any Medical Condition

Make it known to your doctor if you are sick or are on any medication, whether prescribed or OTC drugs, or even supplements. In case of certain heart disorders or use of orthopedic implants, your physician may prescribe antibiotics prior to surgery to preempt infection.

Either sedation, local anesthesia, or general anesthesia will be used for pain management during dental implant surgery. You’re at liberty to consult your doctor about the most appropriate pain control method.

A dentist can help restore the function and appearance of your teeth and mouth with dental implant surgery. Just verify that you’re the perfect candidate and ready for the dental remedy.