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Signs of a Potential Leak Under a Foundation

The foundation is one of the most important parts of a home. If it is cracked or weakened in any way, it could result in the house sliding or sinking. That could result in thousands of dollars in repair bills. Therefore, it is critical that homeowners know if there is a water leak under the foundation that may put it in danger.

Does the House Smell Funny?

If there are is a water leak underneath the home, you may notice that the basement has a musty smell to it. You may also start to notice the smell in other parts of the home too, and this could be an indication that mold is present. In addition to being a sign that there is a water leak under the foundation, mold spores can be a health hazard for everyone who lives in the house. This may be true even for those who may have been in good health prior to the mold spreading throughout the property.

Have Your Water Bills Gone Up?

One of the most common signs of a water leak under the foundation of a home or anywhere else is an increase in the water bill. While water bills can fluctuate some on a monthly basis, a large jump in usage should be cause for concern. It may be a good idea to rule out other possible issues such as accidentally leaving the outdoor hose on before assuming pipes under the foundation are leaking. You may also want to rule out leaks in other parts of the home as well.

Are the Floors or Carpets Moist?

If you have carpeted floors in the basement, you may notice that they are wetter than usual. In some cases, they can range from being slightly damp to completely soaked. You may also notice water stains on concrete floors or puddles accumulating on wooden or similar types of flooring. It is important to note that a lack of light or airflow can also lead to damp conditions in the basement. Excess humidity may also cause moisture to appear.

Are the Floors Extremely Hot or Cold In Some Spots?

It is possible for both hot and cold water to leak through the slab underneath a foundation. Therefore, it is possible that certain spots where water is coming through will be extremely hot or cold. You may notice the temperature differences either when walking on the floor or by touching it with your hand. If you encounter such a scenario in your home, it may be a good idea to call a slab leak detection Dallas company right away.

It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause a significant amount of damage in a home. In addition to causing damage to the foundation, it can create conditions for mold to from and spread. Water can also be a breeding ground for termites, mosquitoes and other pests. When caught early, it may be possible to stop the damage before it is able to spread too far throughout your home.