How A Storage Facility Can Utilize Technology To Make Storing Items Convenient And Secure

When a home isn’t big enough to hold all of a family’s belongings, it can lead to a cluttered space that is uncomfortable and nearly impossible to enjoy. Fortunately, a storage unit can help by providing extra space for the items a family may want to hold on to but don’t have room for. Obtaining a storage unit used to take all day, and many users were afraid to leave their belongings, out of fear of them being stolen. Here is how storage facilities are using technology to simplify the sign-up process and keep their buildings free from criminal activity.

Online Sign-Up

Many storage companies make it easy for consumers to rent a unit by providing an online sign-up process. Just enter basic contact information, select a unit type, and then choose a rental term. The system will then ask for a credit card to process payment, and the unit will be rented. The user will be provided with a code that can be used to access their unit immediately, which allows an individual to rent a storage unit on their terms.

Security Cameras

Would be intruders who are looking to break into a storage unit will be disappointed when they realize that a storage facility uses cameras to record the activity on their property. If they do take the chance and attempt to break in, the facility will have video footage of the individuals, which can be used to help law enforcement track them down. Cameras are one of the most effective ways to keep a storage facility free from theft and other criminal activity.

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Motion Detectors

Many storage facilities are only open during set hours. When the property is closed, a series of motion sensors will be used to sense the presence of movement, and sound an alarm upon detection. This will deter individuals from stealing and scare away those who are brave enough to attempt to break into the facility and remove items from one of the many storage units on-site.

When a house becomes full of items that a homeowner isn’t ready to part with, they should consider placing them in a storage facility. Pink Storage provides a wide array of simple storage solutions that can help anyone keep their items safe for an affordable price. Check out their services, and make storing items a simple task.