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Everything You Should Know About Hydrojetting

We can all agree that cleaning your pipes and drain is essential at least once a year. However, the question is which method you wish to choose for the cleansing process.

Most plumbers tend to use one of two methods for cleaning the pipes and clogged drains, including plumbing snakes and hydro jetting, among others.

Remember that using plumbing snakes is the best way to clean your main sewer line and drain, while hydro jetting is something completely different that will provide you peace of mind.

We will present you with more information about the hydro jetting process, which will help you understand everything about it.

What is Hydro Jetting?

One of the most effective ways to clean pipes and remove clogged drains is by using the hydro jetting method. Remember that thick and problematic blockages are not something that you can handle by using a drain snake.

That is the main reason why you should place the machine that will blast the water inside at 4000 PSI for sewer, while you can reduce the pressure for other parts of your household.

You can choose a wide array of jetting nozzles, depending on the plumber you wish to choose. Generally, the type depends on numerous factors, including:

  • The size of your drain
  • The thickness of build-up within the drain
  • The type of clog or blockage

Remember that you will be able to cleanse the thickest build-ups by using high-end nozzles that will quickly force everything out by using pressurized water.

When Should You Do It?

Generally, you should know that this particular procedure is not the first thing most people would think when it comes to cleaning clogs. That is the main reason why it depends on the plumbing company you choose as well as the problem that you have.

Hydro jetting can easily handle issues such as:

  • If the drain is overflowing
  • If the snaking method cannot handle the thickness
  • If you wish to conduct prevention before something happens

You should click here to learn everything about this particular cleaning method.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

  • Removes Clogs In Matter Of Seconds – You should know that it uses pressurized water that will flow through pipes, which will ultimately help you remove clogs without any additional problem. You will also be able to handle clogs that are problematic to handle and remove with other cleaning methods.
  • Wall Pipes – The best thing about this particular unclogging method is the ability to handle the problem from the very scratch. Since wall pipes tend to accumulate high amounts of minerals and grease, you will be able to eliminate everything with a single procedure.
  • It Is Eco-Friendly and Affordable – When compared with other solutions that you can find on the market, you should know that the most significant return on investment will come with this particular one. It is vital to understand that high-pressure jets will clear the pipes and remove any clogs that you have. At the same time, it will increase the longevity of the tube, which will reduce the need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes. It is an effective way that will help you remove build-ups in any pipes within your household or commercial building. Finally, it is convenient, straightforward, and neat throughout the process, which means that it will not leave the residue similarly as other methods that use chemicals.
  • Removes Odor – The common problem that can happen due to persistent clogs include bad smells that tend to happen due to the build-up of bacteria within your pipes. That could lead to severe health issues, which is why you need to make sure to clean them frequently to avoid environmental problems as well as a bad smell.

Is It Safe?

It would help if you had in mind that even when you decide to use the highest pressure possible, this particular method is one of the safest ones for both kitchen and drainpipes and lines.

Of course, it is vital to find the certified plumber to conduct a camera inspection before using it because that way, they will know the overall condition of your pipes.

In case it has cracks that are rusting, you should avoid this particular method because it can leave more significant strains on it and cause other cracks as well.

That is the main reason why you should find a professional plumbing company that will use it only in case of a need.

1.   Kitchen Pipes

Remember that build-ups within your kitchen tend to happen due to numerous reasons, including food residue, grease, and many more. Remember that grease will block your kitchen drainpipes from time to time, especially if you remove it that way.

As soon as you find the company that will conduct the overall inspection, they will try to use the snake for the pipes to push out grease residue and other blockages. However, if they cannot do it with the snaking method, the next one will be hydro jetting.

It will require adding kitchen jitter, which is similar to the mainline one, but with a smaller balance in general. That way, you should know that you can restore your drains and clear grease altogether by using this particular service.

2.   Main Sewer Line

We have mentioned above that one of the biggest reasons to use this particular method for sewer line include the severe blockages that you won’t be able to handle with snaking method.

Generally, blockages tend to happen due to substantial scale build-up, tree roots, broken plumbing has, and low spots.

Check out this link: to learn how to unclog the main sewer line with ease.

Even though hydro jetting is not efficient in case you have a broken sewer line or drain, it is the best method that will help you remove the mineral deposit build-up as well as a tree root, among others.

We recommend you check out the routes with the camera so that you can make sure that your piping can handle the hydro jetting pressure.

Of course, the plumber will handle everything and provide your perspective on the best methods that you can use based on the current state of your pipelines.

They will need to fix the cracks beforehand, which will prolong the life of your pipes.