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Do You Really Need a La Porte Agent to Sell Your House?

Perhaps it is a seller’s market and you think because of the limited supply of houses, you should be able to save the real estate agent commission by selling your house on your own. Many people who take on the challenge of selling for sale by owner quickly realize they should have never entered those waters alone. The risks are too severe, and you could lose more than money when trying to sell your house on your own. Consider a few of these reasons to be working with a skilled professional real estate agent La Porte TX agent to sell your house in any market.

Selling to the Wrong Buyers

Make the mistake of agreeing to sell the house to the wrong buyer, and you could waste months of your time in the process only to find they did not have a mortgage commitment and the deal falls through at closing. Now you lost that position your house had on the market, as it is no longer a new listing, but a four-month-old listing. In that wasted time, the market could have turned, so now you have a lot more competition and fewer buyers.

When you have a La Porte listing agent working on your behalf to sell the house, they will weed out the buyers who are not qualified to close or ready to follow-through with the sale.

Waited Time with Tire Kickers

If you decide to sell the house on your own, be prepared to answer the phone and the door when people who have no business looking at homes just want to kick the tires. People will come to offer to help you sell, people will want to compare your house to theirs, and people will look around and say they may be interested in a few months after they sell their house.

Your real estate agent is going to weed out the tire kickers and people offering low cash for houses, and only bring in qualified buyers ready to deal.

Complicated Sales Process

One huge issue with selling your house without help from an agent is that the paperwork and complications with the law can quickly overwhelm any seller, especially one with zero real estate experience. Make a mistake with the processing of the paperwork, and it will cost you more than money. The deal could fall through, wasting your time and the buyers, and putting your house back in a market that may have crashed since you started.

So, the loss could be double or triple of what it would have cost you all those months earlier just to hire the local real estate agent.

Now you see how you could lose quite a lot if you decided to try and sell without the help of a La Porte realtor. The risk is too severe, so contact an agent and get your house listed and sold without you having to worry about losing money or traction in the market.