Deciding on Shutters in a Friendly Game

My wife and I decided to get new window shutters, but we couldn’t decide on which ones to get. My wife wanted to have them in one particular style and color, while I wanted them in another. There was only one way to settle this, and that was the same way that we handle any other disagreements. We turn to the game of pool when we need to see who makes the final decision on something. Neither one of us are experts on playing pool, but we do a pretty good job at the game.

We started using this method of solving problems many years ago when we first got the pool table as a gift from a friend. The friend intended for it to be a wedding gift that we could have fun with, but it’s help us decide a lot over the years. Although my wife likes to think that she’s the better pool player, I’ve won more games than her, so I’ll let my record speak for itself. We were both pretty confident that we could beat each other at the game for the shutters. My wife talked about how she had been practicing her new shot, but I never saw her doing any practicing.

The game was a close one. I would sink a ball and miss the next shot, and my wife did the same. When it came down to getting the final ball in the hole, we took a lot of shot before one of us was able to get the ball into the hole. For all the talk my wife did about her fancy new shot, she wasn’t able to beat me. I’m not the kind of person who likes to gloat, but I was pretty happy about winning. That’s when my wife suggested that we play best out of three.

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