Choosing the Right Feed Manufacturers

Making any decisions about animal welfare can be challenging. Choosing the right feed manufacturers can impact more than just farm animal welfare, though. It can also help the farmers get a better return on their investments. There are a few different types of factors to consider when looking into animal feed products, so before making a final decision, read on to find out more.

Field Tested

Not all companies field test their products. A manufacturer that does will be able to provide more information about the quality of their products. Look for trials that last long enough to yield relevant information about long-term effectiveness, not just safety trials that confirm the feed or supplement is safe for consumption.

Encouraging Weight Gain

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that a farmer’s investment return will be greater with increased monetary input, but spending the extra money to purchase higher-quality feed can make a big difference both in terms of animal health and weight gain. Animals that weigh more are worth more. Feed that encourages healthy weight gain is thus a better investment than a product that does not.

Guaranteed Protein Analysis

Look for guarantees in regards to protein content. More protein means healthier, and larger, animals. Both of these factors contribute to higher investment returns. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers offer a guaranteed analysis. It’s best to contract animal feed from one that does.

Death Losses

The average death loss for most farm animal populations is about eight percent. Providing higher quality feed can lower the percentage of animals lost to illness substantially. Money spent on feed for the eight percent of animals that die prior to attaining finished weight is money tossed down the drain, while an investment in a high-quality feed that can help reduce death losses is a great investment.

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Supplements and More

Choosing a manufacturer of animal feed that can also provide some necessary supplements can take a little bit of extra stress off of those responsible for animal care. Some companies even go one step further and offer things like natural composting aids and other inputs that can help farmers increase both self-sufficiency and efficiency.