A Burning Desire for New Shutters

A small fire broke out in my home a couple of months ago. The fire was caused by a lamp that I had brought home from the dump. I thought the lamp was in pretty good shape and gave it a proper cleaning and tested it out. The lamp was working fine for hours until it let out some sparks and started burning. The fire damaged one of my windows and burned the plantation shutters before I was able to put it out with the fire extinguisher. The glass of the window survived, but the shutters needed to be replaced and the wall needed to be painted.

I wanted to have shutters that were the same style as the ones that were damaged in the fire. Luckily I had a picture of the shutters to show the company that I hired to replace them. Within no time I had shutters that were ready to be installed. All I needed to do was find a matching paint from the store to cover up the dark spots from the fire and blend in with the rest of the surrounding paint that wasn’t damaged. I used an app to help me match the colors and bought a can along with a roller.

The paint looked spot on with the wall. I couldn’t even tell where the old paint ended and the new paint began. After the paint was dry, the new shutters were installed and everything was back to normal. I disassembled the lamp and threw it out to make sure that no one else would try to bring it home and use it. I imagine the lamp was thrown out in the first place because of the same electrical short that started the fire in my home. I guess another person’s trash isn’t always treasure.

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