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3 Ways To Protect Your Home Against Storms

Towns and cities near large bodies of water are prone to torrential weather problems such as cyclones, hurricanes, or tropical storms. Although some of these outbursts come with ample warning to allow you to protect yourself and your family, but there are many eruptions so sudden they hit with little to no notice. To prevent damage to your house each year, there are some ways you can protect your possessions. Here are three of them.

1. Doors

Steel core doors and reinforced bolts are standard security measures for homes frequently hit by severe forces of water. Look for companies with impact doors West Palm Beach to find out what options are available in your area and what type of material best suits water situations your home regularly suffers damage from. The company may also have an installer available to hang the door for you.

2. Windows

One of the best ways to protect your home’s windows against gale-force winds is to shutter them with an impact-resistant material. The special shutters can protect glass from over 100 mph winds. If your home does not have shutters, board the windows securely with thick sheets of plywood during a storm – not compressed wood.

3. Yards

The items standing in your front and back yards can become deadly projectiles when thrown by gale-force winds. To protect your home, move all loose objects into a securely covered building or garage. Lawn furniture and yard working equipment must be included in your moving list because if those winds can throw vehicles around like toys, anything you leave in your yard can become a weapon when thrown at your home.

Protecting your family and home from possible storms is easy when you take time to secure doors, windows, and yard items. Take a few minutes to secure the house and give yourself peace of mind.…

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How to Promote Your Local Band

If you’ve finally gathered a group of musicians who want to play together, you may wonder what you can do to promote your band. You need to find places where you can play and begin to build a fan base. Before thinking about load-in and soundcheck, you need to book some gigs. Here are some things you should know about getting gigs.

Market Yourselves

The more preparation you do before you begin your search for a gig, the easier it will be. You need to have promo-ready materials you can give to booking agents or venues before you start looking for a place to play. Have professional pictures taken of your band, and also have some candid shots of you playing live.

Lay down some tracks of you playing your music and get a demo CD ready with short clips of your music. Alternatively, build a website that includes audio and video clips of your band playing and get a generic email ready that includes the appropriate links. That way, you can tweak what you need and send off your email to multiple agents.

Get Prepared for the Gig

While you are promoting, be sure to keep practicing. You want to be in top form when you get a gig. You may also want to practice loading and unloading the equipment and setting it up, as you are likely to need all your own equipment for most local gigs. Purchase some tools such as a hand truck with shock isolating casters so you can more easily move your sound equipment over uneven ground without damaging it.

Check Things Out

Just because a gig sounds like a great option, be sure to research the venue, promoter and contract. Don’t worry as much about the money as about getting your music out to the audience.

It will take work, but once you get a few gigs under your belt, you will have a better idea of how to do it and can enjoy the experience.…