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Common HVAC Repairs in Homes

Concerns in the functionality of your HVAC can result in reduced efficiency and performance. If left undetected, HVAC problems can cause health issues. Usually, the malfunctions are relatively simple. However, for someone who is not trained to fix HVAC concerns, it would not be advisable to handle the repairs. If your unit has been indicating signs of damage or wear and tear, it would be prudent to hire hvac repair yorktown va for repairs or replacements. Here are some common HVAC repairs that necessitate calling a professional.

Excess Water

A puddle of water around the heating and cooling unit should be a cause of concern. The units have drain lines that move the condensation into the ground and away from within the cooling and heating system that can result in problems. If you notice water around your unit, the best solution would be to call an expert to inspect drain pans.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are another common HVAC repair that most homeowners face. Dirty filters restrict the flow of air into your heating and cooling unit, which affects the quality of air in your home. Dirty filters strain the blower of your furnace and overheat the furnace. You need an expert in HVAC units to replace dirty filters often. It keeps the unit functional and extends furnace life.

Ignition Problems

You may be experiencing ignition issues if the heating and cooling system has trouble starting up. Experts in HVAC units may have to replace igniters, some electrical components and pilot lights. Regular maintenance can significantly reduce the probability of ignition problems.

As you can see, several things can go wrong with HVAC systems. The important thing here is to make sure that the unit is handled by a reputable HVAC professional. Avoid carrying out any repairs on your own, especially if you lack knowledge of the heating and cooling systems.…

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Holiday Ideas from Bellavista Collection: Gifts for the Dearest

Christmas is already at the threshold, and it means that we all are going to give and get Christmas presents.

At the end of December, many of us buy dozens of them – from small surprise gifts to very special presents. Choosing what to give your dearest people is a tricky task: there are virtually thousands of attractive offers around, you need only one, but want it to be really special.

Since Bellavista Collection focusses on producing special pieces, its website is a good place to look for a Christmas gift. Well, primarily, Bellavista Collection is a manufacturer of Italian luxury furniture, but the brand has much more on offer. On the company’s website, you’ll find a selection of lovely items, which are small enough to gift-wrap. Each of them will make a wonderful Christmas present.

Most of us love lighting candles at Christmas party. So, why not give a designer candle-holder as a gift? Bellavista Collection offers two beautiful candle-holders, which will surely create Christmas atmosphere in any home.

The first one is named YWKO. This pillar candle holder is rather tall – it’s 86 centimeters (33.9 inches) high in total, which means that you can place it on the floor.

The cup of this candlestick is 19 cm. (7.5 in.) in diameter; its cylindrical shade is made of clear and sandblasted glass, bearing a silhouette of a hippo – the Bellavista’s logotype. Along with looking nice, the combination of sandblasted and clear glass also prevents the candlelight from dazzling your eyes.

The glass of the shade and hammered antique bronze finish of the structure blend together extremely well. The design itself, being definitely modern, is very elegant and somehow classic-looking at the same time.

One more candle holder, SYRUS, resembles an old-fashioned lantern rather than a candlestick. SYRUS also has a cylindrical lampshade made of a combination of clear and sandblasted glass (with a hippo on it, too).  The dimensions – this holder is 20.6 x 20.6 centimeters (8.1 inches) and 36.6 centimeters (14.4 inches) tall – suggest that you can place it on a dining table set out for a Christmas dinner.

SYRUS could be made either of cast brass with antique bronze finish or of cast aluminum with an attractive finish called ‘Nero Bellavista’ – the brand’s 2019 novelty, by the way.

One more idea that comes to mind when thinking about a Christmas present is to find some lovely-looking decorative item – a statuette, for example.

Bellavista Collection has wonderful cast brass sculptures of animals: IPPO the hippopotamus, RINO the rhinoceros, GREYHOUND the dog, FURIA the horse, which are just cut out for being presents.

IPPO and RHINO are twin brothers, so to speak. These two lifelike cast brass statuettes of a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros are of the same size; they even used to share the same name in the company’s catalog (IPPO E RHINO) and the webpage.

Both statuettes are pretty small miniature (18 x 8 x 8 centimeters, or 7.1 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches).

Both are made of cast brass and available in four finishes: antique bronze finish, antique silver leaf, black patina, or antique gold leaf. So, you can have four differently-colored (and equally attractive) hippos and four rhinos.

The same four finishes are available for FURIA – that’s how the lifelike cast brass horse is named in the company’s catalog. As for the design of GREYHOUND statuette, it looks kind of avant-garde. Unlike other sculptures, it’s available only in antique bronze finish.

As you noticed, a hippopotamus is Bellavista’s favorite animal – it’s even placed on the company’s logo. This year, Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s co-founder and the extremely talented designer who has created most of the brand’s assortment, designed a rectangular tray for candles that looks like a brass sculpture. It’s named IPPO TRAY, and it’s easy to guess what animals are depicted on it.

Yes, it’s bloat of brass hippopotamuses wallowing in the water and walking around a shallow pond. The pond is real – you can pour some water into the tray – so the hippos look really lifelike. No wonder that attendees of Salone del Mobile 2019 loved this tray a lot.

IPPO TRAY will look grand if placed onto a large dining table, because it’s pretty large but low: it is 88.5 centimeters (34.8 inches) long, 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) wide and only 7.3 centimeters (2.9 inches) high. What about giving IPPO TRAY as a present – and use it straightaway during the Christmas party?

Bellavista has a few more trays, and each of them will make a perfect present. Look at TUDOR TRAY, also designed in 2019. Made of moka stained ashwood with glittering handles (aluminum with gold finish), this tray also may be of immediate use at the Christmas party. Its size …