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Cara Membuat Kerak Pai Kuno yang Sempurna

Ketika berbicara tentang memanggang pai yang sempurna, saya percaya semuanya dimulai dengan kulit pai yang sempurna dan menurut saya, kerak yang dibeli di toko tidak melakukan apa-apa untuk saya. Seperti ibu dan nenek saya, saya lebih suka kerak linting tangan kuno yang dibuat dengan cara tradisional dengan tepung, shortening dan bahan lainnya.
Resep berikut diberikan kepada saya 20+ tahun yang lalu oleh nenek saya yang merupakan pembuat kue yang luar biasa. Resep ini akan menghasilkan 3 kerak.
Tip Pembekuan dan Pendinginan: Jika Anda tidak akan menggunakan ketiga kerak secara langsung, Anda dapat menggulungnya dan meletakkannya di loyang. Tutup dengan foil dan masukkan ke dalam freezer hingga 3 bulan. Anda dapat membuat adonan dan membentuk bola besar dan memasukkannya ke dalam lemari es hingga 12 jam. Keluarkan dari lemari es dan biarkan kembali ke suhu kamar sebelum menggulung adonan.
Resep Kerak Triple Pie
3 cangkir tepung serbaguna
3/4 sendok teh baking powder
1 1/2 sendok teh garam
1 1/4 cangkir mentega sayur
2 sendok makan susu dingin
4 1/2 sendok makan air ledeng
1 kuning telur
Dalam mangkuk besar, campur tepung serbaguna, baking powder, dan garam. Dengan menggunakan blender kue, haluskan mentega putih dan sisihkan. Dalam mangkuk kecil, campurkan susu dingin, air keran dan kuning telur, haluskan bahan-bahan menjadi satu dengan menggunakan garpu. Aduk campuran cair ke dalam campuran tepung sampai bahan tercampur rata. Biarkan adonan selama 5 menit dalam mangkuk tertutup.
Pisahkan adonan menjadi tiga bagian dan gulung sepertiganya ke atas papan adonan yang sudah ditaburi tepung menggunakan penggilas adonan. Kerak Anda sekarang siap untuk ditempatkan dengan lembut di dalam loyang Anda.
Jika mau, Anda bisa menyikat kulit pai atas Anda dengan lapisan telur yang memberikan hasil akhir yang bagus mengilap pada kerak Anda.
Resep Egg Glaze
1 sendok makan susu dingin
1 kuning telur ukuran besar
Pisahkan kuning telur dari putih telur menggunakan alat pemisah telur. Tambahkan satu sendok makan susu dingin dan kocok hingga rata. Dengan menggunakan kuas kue, olesi tipis kulit pai bagian atas Anda.Kuliner enak Kota Malang

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Design Companies

Ideas → Design → Building Plans; Customized house plan design. This downloadable PDF is a printable info sheet that shows the rendering, ground plans, elevations and specifications of the chosen FFID plan. Most plans might be customized to your specifications, with FREE modification estimates for almost all designs.

Jeff and Charles Garrison provide every client with individual attention and limitless access all through the design, building and delivery course of. Semi-custom house plans are pre-designed house plans that supply configuration or style options to higher meet your needs.

We will then draw 3d conceptual fashions and flooring plans on your evaluation. Jon enjoys working with purchasers to design and create the home of their goals. So after you find that just about perfect home plan, contact our modification crew to search out out just how easy it is to change a home plan to make it that excellent dream home.

The efficient use of house presents a flooring plan with as many bedrooms and as a lot residing house as two-story houses. Take a look at our newest house plans where you’ll discover new home designs and open concept ground plans. The primary section of the Custom House Design process begins with the Conceptual Floor Plan(s) Design Phase.

At Great House Design, we don’t just create cookie-cutter house plans that are plain and boring, we aim to create designs that may maximize your area and allow you to feel proper at home the moment you step into your new house. This year, Customized Builder Showcase Homes house the South – from Texas to Florida to Virginia – and signify varied architectural styles to convey a deep sense of place.…

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Why Get Plantation Shutters for Your Home?

Are you in the market for a new set of window treatments and wondering if plantation shutters are a good fit for your home? As window treatments go, you will find that you have no shortage of options in the market from your typical window blinds to the more unusual shutter designs.

That said, there is one type of window treatment that has stood the test of time and remain popular as ever among homeowners – the classic plantation shutters!

So what exactly are plantation shutters and how did they come to be? In this article, we will go over a bit of the latter’s history and how they compare to retractable awnings in Sydney and other forms of window treatment.

Where did plantation shutters originate from?

Now before we go over the origin of plantation shutters, it is essential to note that they are different from the traditional shutters of the past. For one thing, classic plantation shutters feature angled and narrow slats that are typical of most homes in Old England. This trend started to shift as more people started to move South.

Spanish settlers who mostly lived on plantation farms were one of the first people to introduce the idea of adapting classic shutters to suit prevalent climate conditions. Today’s DIY plantation shutters feature wider louvres and come in various designs and sizes.

Before buying a set of plantation shutters, it would be prudent to look around for the most suitable options in terms of price and material. Know that just about every part of the shutter, including the slats and dividing rails, can be personalised and sized to fit your exact requirements.

How do plantation shutters work and compare to other window treatments?

The primary advantage of getting plantation shutters is that they are great for maximising airflow on indoor spaces. This explains why plantation shutters are a common sight for homes located in tropical regions. Wide slats provide ample space for air and sunlight to enter freely. Before the arrival of modern conveniences like electricity and air conditioning, people have had to rely on these window treatments to keep their house cool and comfortable, especially during the summer.

Another notable feature of plantation shutters is that they are typically installed on hinges that enable homeowners to open or close them completely. This makes them an excellent choice for blocking out light completely and maintain a measure of privacy.

Plantation shutters also offer excellent insulation, which helps retain heat or cold for a more energy efficient home. People with plantation shutters often find that they do not have to rely as much on heaters and air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable.

So there you have it — some perfectly good reasons to get plantation shutters and how they compare with other window treatments. As you may have already realised, plantation shutters are a practical and smart choice for window treatments that offer excellent value for your time and money. If you’re interested in getting one for your home, it would be prudent to take your time to shop around for different options in terms of style, material and cost.  Only then can you expect to find the perfect set of plantation shutters that suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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Customized Home Design & Pre-designed House Plans that may be modified. As a consequence of exceptional demand for professional house builders services, the new enterprise has undergone a fast growth. Floor Plans: Flooring plans are a view of the house as if it was sliced horizontally at a level that would come with all doors and window openings.

• Our custom design group will provide the primary draft of your preliminary design on your overview within three (3) weeks of receiving your first retainer and can replicate all the gadgets submitted in your original request. DesignBuild Homes has long recognised the value of the sloping lot in creating unique designs, and concentrate on creating homes on terrain that different builders turn away.

We provide custom home design services, semi-custom home plans, in stock house plans, 3D modeling and drafting services. With our easy and pleasant design process, alongside together with your enter and ideas, we are going to create the plan of your goals at an reasonably priced price.

We work with a variety of architectural influences to offer home design plans in styles corresponding to Modern, Mediterranean, Fashionable, Craftsman, Conventional and extra. This Colonial Revival fashion home from our newest designer, Sailer Design, LLC, includes a classic, timeless facade with an open, inviting floor plan and a half-dozen porches.

We work hard with our shoppers in this side of the constructing process, as this may devour quite a lot of time within the strategy of constructing your new home. We make customized home design and new home building fulfilling and environment friendly. The exquisite Lubelso vary by Canny Homes combines the best, ultra modern architectural fashion, with premium high quality development, and totally customisable top of the range interior design to your good luxury home in Melbourne.…

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3 Ways to Know Your Roof Needs Help

We often don’t think about the roof protecting our homes until we notice water leaks or we get damage to precious items inside. However, waiting until the roof shows visible signs of damage may be more costly to fix than easy preventive maintenance. You should watch out for these signs of potential roof damage and get them fixed before additional damage occurs.

Missing Shingles

The roof of your home is constantly exposed to harsh elements. Wind, rain, snow, and sunlight batter the top of homes every day of the year. Shingles can come loose, especially during wind storms, and leave patches of exposed areas on your roof. These open areas may quickly lead to other internal damage, such as water leaks and mold growth. You should have any missing shingles replaces as soon as possible.

Small Leaks

A roof may show no visible signs of damage. However, high wind and rain can cause water to get up and under the roof’s outer protection. These leaks can cause wood rot and plaster damage inside the house. You should get all leaks fixed as quickly as possible to prevent wood rot and mold growth inside the home. Contacting a qualified roofing contractors st charles county mo will be the quickest and easiest way to eliminate the leak and further damage.


Most roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years. If you know that your roof is that old or you notice that your older roof has become discolored over time, you should have a qualified roof contractor check for potential problems. Having a problem roof fixed before it begins to leak should save you more money than waiting for the damage to show through.

Routine roof maintenance can save you money over time. Making small repairs or completely replacing old roofs before damage occurs can be the best method of saving money and the valuables inside your home.…

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Common Household Pests and How to Handle Them

It’s inevitable. At some point, you’ll turn a corner in your house and see a bug. While the house can keep out most of nature, it cannot always keep EVERYTHING out. That means the occasional pest invasion. Most often these pests are harmless (although unpleasant). If you squirm at their sight or are concerned about your home, there are measures you can take to reduce these intrusions.

Earwigs and Silverfish

You may not know how to spot all bugs, but having some background can make it easier to take care of. For example, do you know an earwig versus a silverfish? Earwigs are long, small insects that pose little harm to your home or you. A silverfish can look similar. It, too, has a low threat to humans, but it could damage your belongings. Call a pest control company to spray your home’s perimeter. This (hopefully) will decrease their appearance.


Of more concern is the small, but mighty termite. It’s important to monitor your home for any wood damage. Be aware of the sign. Have you noticed the walls sounding hollower? Do you see lots of winged insects or droppings? Are areas eaten through? Try to research termites dallas or Texas to locate a business that can inspect the property. Most insurance companies recommend annual inspections and having a termite bond. This layer of protection could save you time, stress and money.

Carpenter Ants

Not all ants pose problems. Most are simply a nuisance; however, carpenter ants can disturb wood (much like the termite). These ants are larger than others and tend to inhabit areas with heavy moisture. To prevent an infestation, try to control leaks and humidity. Don’t hesitate to call your pest crew for an inspection. If it’s carpenter ants, you’ll need to locate the ants and determine the damage.

To try and keep your home bug-free, consider eating and drinking in the kitchen or dining areas. Preventing crumbs and excess water might reduce their interest in becoming a household guest. When they appear, contact professionals for assistance.…

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Cara Mendapatkan Uang Beasiswa untuk Sekolah Kuliner

Jadi sekarang Anda tahu Anda ingin menjadi koki, dan Anda tahu bahwa Anda ingin melakukannya dengan benar dan pergi ke sekolah kuliner untuk mendapatkan gelar terakreditasi, pertanyaan berikutnya adalah: Bagaimana Anda membayarnya? Jika uangnya tidak ada di rekening bank Anda, Anda dapat meminta bantuan teman dan kerabat yang murah hati, atau Anda dapat meminjam uang, atau Anda dapat memperoleh beasiswa (atau lebih dari satu beasiswa).
Ada dua sumber dana beasiswa untuk sekolah kuliner: negeri dan swasta. Dana publik – lebih dikenal sebagai bantuan federal tersedia untuk Anda jika Anda memenuhi persyaratan berikut:

* Anda harus dapat menunjukkan kebutuhan finansial (kecuali untuk beberapa pinjaman)
* Anda harus warga negara AS atau bukan warga negara yang memenuhi syarat dengan nomor Jaminan Sosial yang valid
* Gelar atau sertifikat yang Anda geluti harus dalam program yang memenuhi syarat.
* Jika Anda seorang pria, Anda harus mendaftar ke Layanan Selektif, jika Anda berusia antara 18 dan 25 tahun
* Anda harus mempertahankan kemajuan akademis yang memuaskan sekali di sekolah (ini berbeda dari sekolah ke sekolah, tetapi Anda menginginkan setidaknya IPK 2.5 atau 3.0)
* Anda memerlukan ijazah sekolah menengah atau Sertifikat GED
* Anda harus lulus tes kemampuan-untuk-manfaat yang disetujui
* Anda mungkin harus memenuhi standar lain yang ditetapkan negara bagian Anda yang telah disetujui FSA
Untuk memulai proses pendanaan sekolah kuliner, Anda harus mengisi formulir aplikasi Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) di. Ini gratis untuk diisi. Setelah Anda mengisi formulir, FSA akan meninjau aplikasi Anda dan kemudian menghubungi sekolah Anda dan memberi tahu mereka berapa banyak bantuan federal yang berhak Anda terima.
Anda harus mengisi formulir FAFSA setiap tahun Anda di sekolah. Pastikan untuk mengisi formulir sesegera mungkin – semakin lama Anda menunggu, semakin sedikit uang yang tersedia.Kuliner kota Malang