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Could Your Home Use A Few Stripes?

Don’t think stripes will work with your interior design? Think again! Stripes are versatile and can be subtle, sophisticated, modern, or used to make a statement. Here are just a few ways you can introduce stripes in your home.

To Elongate

Vertical stripes on your walls can help low ceilings feel higher, while horizontal stripes can visually elongate a room. You certainly don’t have to stripe all four walls, and proportion is a must. Varying stripes sizes can be fun, but don’t go too thin as it can create a dizzying optical illusion. As a general rule large stripes for larger rooms and smaller stripes for smaller spaces.

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You Can Stripe Anything

If you aren’t up for striped walls, now worries! You can easily introduce stripes on your area rugs, furniture, accessories, and even your ceilings. You can even paint stripes on distressed wood floors. Stripes don’t have to pop or contrast, such as a vase, duvet, or area rug with stipes in varying sizes and complementary colors.

Stripes Don’t Have To Be Your Only Pattern

Your goal is not to stripe up everything in your room, but to mix and match your stripes in similar or contrasting colors or patterns. If you really want to make things pop, mix stripes with polka dot furniture and accessories. Or florals or plaid. Just avoid the temptation to go overboard and create a busy room that is visually unsettling.

Stripes Add Luxury To Otherwise Plain Pieces

If you want to liven up fairly plain pieces of furniture, such as solid pastels—add some striped accents to the room. This could be a lampshade, throw pillow, ottoman, or armchair. All you need is one or two striped items to elevate any room.

Have Fun With It

Stripes can be used to create a modern or elegant vibe but can also be used to create a fun and playful space. If your style is a bit eccentric or you want to create a playful kid’s room, stripes are the perfect addition.
Feel free to experiment with paints of different levels of gloss, but in the same color family. Embrace contrasting if you prefer but keep avoid using too many loud colors. TMF 家匠 has plenty of stripes to choose from!…

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How to Categorize the Best Certified Interior Designer Gurgaon?

I think everyone of us would be agreed with the saying, “First impression is the last Impression”.

Whether it is personal appearance, the interior of your residence or your commercial outlook, a send of aesthetic and beauty are the factors which are responsible for grabbing the attention of the viewers. The interior designing becomes more important at the places where you want to attract the visitors to your promotional or monetary benefits. Who doesn’t want that his/her place should look uniquely different from others? The technology has Technology has left its foot on here too. Yes!, in the field of Interior Designing, today, at one hand designers are using advanced tool & equipment for the renovation of buildings, on the other hand, Software tools like CAD and Home design software are playing a very important role in enhancing the performance & accuracy of designers. For cities like Gurgaon, however, choosing an authenticated Interior designer is a bit crucial task for an individual. Still, some basic information and a small set of knowledge can be very helpful for a person looking to opt for Interior Designer Gurgaon.

Well! Before discussing further, let’s know the basics definition and roles & responsibilities of an Interior Designer. Some other terms which are used for professional interior designers are:

  • Interior re-designers
  • Interior arrangers
  • Interior Refiners
  • Interior Stylists
  • Visual Coordinator
  • One Day decorators

Definition: A certified Interior Designer

To describe in a nutshell, a certified Interior designer is a self-competent design professional having the qualification of designing, preparation as well as submission of any kind of non-seismic and nonstructural interior plans.Certified interior designers have the right knowledge of building codes like space planning, safety constraints, flammability aspects etc. Their certification denotes their standard of education, exams, and experience achieved by them in the interior designing field.

Interior designers charge differently based on the project requirement, client needs, and time constraints. Some prevailed criteria, which most of the interior Designers follow are discussed below:

Fees of Flat designing: Based on plan, time and scope of the project, client has to pay flat payment for designing or renovating Flat interiors

Cost Plus rule: As per this rule, interior designers impose a fixed percentage on each merchandise & the service offered by them.

Hourly rate: If cost is set on an hourly basis, then interior designers offer negotiation to clients.

Mixed method: In this method, the client has to pay a percentage on for both design work and purchased goods.

At first inquiry, a person should ask following questions to make sure authenticity and reliability of a particular Interior Designer:

  • Ask their portfolio and discuss their past work experience
  • Enquire maximum size of interior designing projects in which they previously worked on
  • How much budget can be handled by them

Going for a professionally certified interior designer can be more beneficial and productive, In spite of others. However, it may cost you little more, but the results and feedback from the viewers will make you feel satisfied always. Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose certified Interior Designer Gurgaon, for best results.


The purpose is to ease the task of people who are in perplexity to choose the right Interior Designer for renovating their building spaces. The roles, responsibility and some featured characteristics discussed in this article will help the readers to get the right solution.