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You Can’t Choose Your Family But You Can Choose Your Living Room Furniture!

You Can’t Choose Your Family But You Can Choose Your Living Room Furniture! Your face, they say, is the index of your mind. Similarly, the living room in your home is perhaps the first indicator of the “character” of your home. The colors with which your walls are painted, the fabric of your curtains, and the paintings that adorn your walls are all important in defining how your living room looks. But perhaps the most important element is your Living room furniture. After all, the type of sofas, coffee tables and TV cabinets determine how much space there really is. And of course, the joy of sitting on a comfortable sofa with an interesting book (or even the TV remote, when the ball game is on) is something else. Feng shui experts opine that the flow of “chi” energy inside a room or house is determined by various factors including the type and location of furniture. So to make sure that your house attracts the right kind of energies, it is important that you select the appropriate Living room furniture. Vanity apart, there is another reason why you may want to consider adding a mirror or two in your home. It is believed that a mirror which reflects food helps in creating an aura of plenitude in the home. A strategically placed mirror may just be what you need to put your positive energy on steroids so give it careful consideration. But what kind of furniture is best for your home? With so many choices in terms of styles, designs, materials and price, the decision can be daunting. But follow a few simple steps and you will be in good shape. Start with the amount of space in your living room. That will give you a sense of how many pieces of Living room furniture you need. Then think about what you will spend most time on while you are in the room. That will help you decide if you really need a love seat and recliner- or a couch is adequate. A set of sofas is probably something you will need. The sofa set is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the room. So choose a neutral color so the room does not look too dark or too bright (especially if it is already well-lit and ventilated). Upholstery of a neutral shade will also blend more easily with your curtains and walls. The style of your living room furniture will speak more loudly about you than any other element in your room. But like all good things, good furniture too is expensive. So make sure you budget for it carefully. If necessary, acquire different pieces over a period of time. And do keep your eyes open for those end-of-season sales in town. You may easily be able to save 30% or more on that leather sofa set you have your eyes on. And if you spot a nice-looking piece of furniture that looks a wee bit worn-out, don’t fret. You will be amazed at what new upholstery can do. Who says you can’t have your favorite furniture and sit on it too?