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Why Natural Bug Spray is a Better Option for Your Home

Everyone has dealt with the nuisance of insects and pesky bugs inside and outside their homes. The first step is usually heading to the store to purchase bug repellent. The issue with this is that most bug sprays contain poison. The best way to avoid these chemicals is by purchasing natural bug spray. Even if you can’t find it at your local drug store, you can make it yourself quickly at home.

Reasons to Purchase Natural Bug Spray

The biggest reason why people should aim for natural bug sprays is that the majority of regular bug sprays contain pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals not only kill living pests but are also released into the environment, which can have a negative effect on your children and your pets.

It is wise to keep your family away from bug spray that contains harmful chemicals since research shows that they may contain possible carcinogenic properties. Sprays that are applied outside your home can also trickle inside, since residue can collect on furniture, toys, and even carpet. It can remain there for many years.

DIY Remedies

Natural bug spray is just as effective, if not more effective, than bug spray that contains chemicals. There are many ways that you can create natural bug spray at home such as:

  • Placing drops of clove oil around your home to kill cockroaches as well as Epsom salt
  • Sprinkling coffee grounds around your property to keep ants at bay
  • Plating eucalyptus, mint, or citronella plants in your yard to keep wasps at bay
  • Applying peppermint and lemon to the entryways in your home to keep spiders away