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What To Do When Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open

What To Do When Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open It’s called Murphy’s Law: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong (and at the worst possible time). If you’re old enough to read this, you’ve probably experienced Murphy’s Law more than once. Today seems to be one of those days. Your daughter called to tell you she has to buy new soccer shoes. Your wife called twice. First, she called from the dentist’s office to say the dentist recommends that your son visit the orthodontist. An hour later, she was in tears. Her job has been downsized. She will be working only 25 hours a week — no overtime, no benefits. Your mind was on your problems while you were driving home and you nearly caused an accident. At last, you drove into your driveway and pressed the garage door remote button. The door didn’t open. Of course, you groan. The last thing you need right now is a garage door repair bill. Well, maybe you don’t need to call the repairman. Even if you’re not handy, the problem may be simple enough that you can fix it yourself. First, go to your wall control unit. Usually, the wall control unit is located next to the garage door, or next to the door that leads into the house. You can recognize it because it’s about four inches square and because it has three buttons. The big button is the one that’s responsible for opening and closing the door. The second button is the lock button. It’s possible that someone has pushed the lock button by accident. If this has happened, the light will be flashing. This indicates that the lock has been enabled, and prevents the door from opening. All you need to do is hold down the lock button until the light stops flashing. Your garage door will open and close now. If the lock button is not the source of the problem, you may need to change the battery in the remote. This is almost as easy as holding down the lock button. Locate the small opening on the side of the remote. Insert a screw driver into the opening and gently pry off the cover. Remove the old battery and insert a new battery of the same type. (Your local supermarkets, drug stores, and auto supply stores will carry any type of battery you need.) Reprogram your code into the remote, using your instruction manual. Press the remote button and enjoy watching that garage door go up and down. Wouldn’t it be great if all the other issues that made your day go bad could be this easy to solve?