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What Is a Garage Screen Door?

What Is a Garage Screen Door? Are you one of those people who like to use his or her garage for something other than storing a car or two? It’s tempting to make use of that large, mostly (hopefully) empty room with the concrete floor and big door. People use their garages as workrooms, studios, playrooms, even a place sit outside in the evening and hang out or play cards. Unless your garage is insulated and cooled, then you need to have the garage door open while you’re occupying it, though, otherwise it can be stifling. If you’re working with power tools or paint, you need the door open to let out fumes and smoke. In fact, that’s part of the appeal of spending time in your garage-the fresh air and easy view of the street you get. However, there’s a major difficulty: insects, and dust from passing cars. Insect repellent candles can make a room warm and smoky. In a recent innovation to help homeowners who want to make use of their garage as either a workroom or extended living space, several companies have come out with screens especially designed to cover your garage doorway. Naturally, these screens are large. They generally attach via Velcro, magnets or some other sort of strips that can be permanently fixed to the outside edge of the garage doorway. The screens themselves can be either rolled up or removed when you need to move a vehicle in or out, and can come with tie backs or zippers to allow easy access in and out. They keep out insects and much of the dust and can even act as privacy screens, making it difficult for people on the street to see into your garage, even as you are able to look out. Depending on the size you order and the company, these screens can cost you anywhere from about twenty dollars on up to over a hundred. They are made not to interfere with the operation of the garage door, so their main inconvenience can be in taking them down or putting them up again when you want to move your car. Some people prefer to park their cars in the driveway or the street, however, leaving their garage space for some other use. Now we all have another incentive to clean out all the junk that seems to accumulate in our garages and to make the area an attractive and useful space. You can place workout equipment there, children’s bikes and outdoor toys, carpentry tools, a card table in chairs, almost anything you like-even a T.V. and couch, if you like! The children can play outside with supervision while adults stay inside in comfort, everyone passing in and out of the screen as they wish. These screens effectively transform a simple garage into a screened in front porch.