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Types of Demolition Processes Available for Your Building

Demolition is a necessary part of the construction process, whether a building has been damaged or is aging. Structures that can’t be used anymore can be demolished to make way for new ones to be built in their place. There are a variety of demolition processes available. The type of location and building can be the ideal place to figure out which strategy you want to use.

Wrecking Ball Demolition

When you picture demolition, the wrecking ball is what pops into your head. A 12,000-pound ball swings into a building to smash it to pieces. This is the most inexpensive method, but is highly imprecise and leaves a lot of wreckage. A debris removal Waynesville OH service is necessary to clean up the aftermath. They have the expertise necessary to separate and recycle items that are left behind.

Building Implosion

This type of demolition isn’t used often because of how specialized this skill is. A building implosion requires the use of explosives mounted on main supports in the building that cause the structure to collapse into itself when they are ignited. It can be a successful method in urban areas where safety is a concern.

Selective Demolition

The selective demolition process is more environmentally friendly, which means it’s gaining in popularity. Instead of destroying the entire building, small sections are removed while the structure remains intact. This lessens the amount of material that needs to be recycled or trashed.

Excavator Demolition

When a small office or home needs to be removed, an excavator is often called in to complete the job. They can use their attachments to remove parts of the structure and place the debris in a dump truck. If the building is higher than 60 feet a high-reach excavator will be used.

Destroying a building takes planning to do it safely to protect the surrounding areas and reduce the amount of debris.