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Top Ways that Snow Can Damage Your Roof

There is nothing quite like sitting in a warm living room in front of the fireplace, watching the snowfall on the ground. But as a homeowner, you may be thinking about the weight of the snow on your home’s roof. When a home gets a lot of snow on top of it, weight can become an issue. And if something is not done about it, the snow can cause significant damage. A building health monitoring system is one way that can help keep an eye out for damage. Here are some ways that snow can damage your roof.

How Excessive Snow Accumulation Can Affect Your Roof

Snow is something that a lot of people like to enjoy. But it can be harmful to your home if you are not paying attention to it.

  • Excessive amounts of snow can damage your roof. It takes four feet of snow to create enough weight to compromise most roof systems. It is estimated that it takes two feet of compacted snow to damage the roof.
  • As the snow melts, it tends to refreeze and cause ice dams to form. This can build up in the gutter system and cause it to tear from the home roof. These dams can also cause water to back up under the shingles, which can freeze and cause damage to your roof.
  • Melting snow can also invade your home through an opening in your roof. It is advisable to have your roof inspected every year to prevent this from happening to you.

Many things can damage your home during the year. But snow build-up does not have to be one of them. By taking a few extra steps and precautions, you can enjoy the winter knowing that your home is safe.